Stories and moments in between passport pages collected across coordinates as they eat and twirl their way into the ancient cities  of the world one airline seat sale at a time.

Mui Ne, Vietnam 2010
Kim and MJ are two Pinoy shutterbugs whose pathological need to pseudo flashpack has taken them to different corners of the Philippines, Asia, Northern America, Northern African and Eastern Europe: from the quaint villages and rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines to the soaring skyscrapers of Shanghai, China, impressive ancient Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, the vast rusty red sand dunes of the Sahara, the medieval castles and ancient walled towns on the cliffs of Romania and the mash of culture of the most iconic city in the world - Istanbul. 

THE dream is to get to visit all 7,107 islands of WOW Philippines and ultimately, one day, just go to the airport and decide right there and then where in the world will they roam to. Although with their penchant to research to death and book the places they were going to, it's highly doubtful this spontaneity will ever happen. 


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