Eating our way into the world one airline seat sale at a time.

Lakwatsa” originated from the Spanish word “la cuacha” which means to wander around aimlessly. A person with predilection in this action is called a “lakwatsero/a.”

The “bayong,” on the other hand is a distinctively Filipino native bag of woven palm leaves and were what Filipinos in olden times lug around, instead of the travel suitcases that we are now used to.

This travel journal is our fun personal project to document our (not so) frequent wanderings -  it is a bonus if it comes in a form others can appreciate or find informative and helpful on their travel planning. 

The goal is not to go on a cheap vacation but to go through a fun trip at the best possible cost (and without sharing bathrooms with strangers!)

Mui Ne, Vietnam 2010

Kim and MJ are two Pinoy shutterbugs whose pathological need to pseudo flashpack has taken them to different corners of the Philippines, Asia and Northern America: from the quaint villages and rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines to the soaring skyscrapers of Shanghai, China and impressive ancient Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula.

THE dream is to get to visit all 7,107 islands of WOW Philippines and ultimately, one day, just go to the airport and decide right there and then where in the world will we roam to. Although with our penchant to research to death and book the places we were going to, it's highly doubtful this spontaneity will ever happen. 


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