January 6, 2016

USA DIARIES PART 5: Viva Las Vegas

August 11-13, 2015. Even with a late night partying at the wedding and tidying up the d├ęcor after party, we all woke up bright and eager to catch our early morning flight to Las Vegas. Airport breakfast was take away wedding cake and pizza.

The flight is a short hop and we landed at Mccarran International Airport (IATA Code: LAS) after flying for 1 hour and a half. It was obvious that we have arrived at the “Entertainment capital of the world famous with its mega casinos” upon exiting the plane and being greeted with slot machines. Don't fret, those kids at the slot machines were promptly shooed away by the attendant as minors aren't allowed to gamble.

The airport is just 5 miles/8 kilometers away from downtown Las Vegas. Cabs were lined up right outside the airport and we jumped in one, paying $30 for the traffic less ride to our hotel. We stayed at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino located at the center – Strip. Our room had a view of the tallest ferries wheel in the world – The High Roller.

We did the requisite gambling and my beginners luck rewarded me with a $6.15 win at the slot machine. Our "winnings" promptly went into flaky bittersweet and rich chocolate croissant. That was the extent of our betting so we directed our energies to tamer Vegas activities like people watching, over the top Vegas shows starred with mile high legs clad in glitters and sequins and buffets and outlet shops. I’m still sporting the expanded waistline to show for our efforts and our luggage has doubled with just a week in.

DC and NY were traded for Mexico on this trip but I’m glad we hit the jackpot in Vegas with the culinary wonder that is SHAKE SHACK.

August 14-18, 2015. And then it was off to Mexico to frolic in the Caribbean and Mayan Riviera, gaped at the important Mayan civilization icons of Chichen Itza and Tulum and checked out million dollar beachfront vacation places and yachts pretending we could afford them.

We were only in Mexico for 5 days and I never tired of the food.

Thanks family for gifting us with this taste of Mexico trip and indulging our lakwatsa aspirations. It’s a dream come true too soon and now we couldn’t stop thinking and talking about going back!

I hope we could return some day to Mexico, stay longer and explore whatever we left out this time.

Next: Cancun, Mexico

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