October 25, 2015

USA DIARIES PART 2: San Francisco, California

August 5, 2015. We were rewarded with beautiful summer weather on our first day in San Francisco perfect for al fresco dining on a sunny terrace overlooking the Union Square. The infamous fog has lifted and the sky was blue.

This area is the almost too comfortably familiar San Francisco as recognized from movie scenes, TV series and books. It does hold its charm with its all too perfect and manicured appearance and I am thoroughly impressed with how everything looked too symmetrical, too clean and too unspoiled.

After lining up for a lunch table at the always-crowded Cheesecake factory, we drove through the city's steep streets to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge famous the world over.

Driving through the bridge and later on at the view deck, it was easy to see why Frommer’s guidebook considers the red suspension bridge spanning the 3-mile channel between San Francisco bay and the Pacific Ocean the most beautiful and thus most photographed bridge in the world. The usual crowd was present but we found our spot. 

In the afternoon, we roamed the grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts and lounged on picnic blankets under a shady tree leaving when the winds have picked up blowing our blanket and peoples skirts. It wasn't chilly that day but very windy. We ended the day with a huge box of takeaway pizza from Costco for dinner making us happy clich├ęs.

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  1. Those are great photos you have there! I was just there also a few weeks ago and I loved the cool and windy weather. And the much slower-paced vibe compared to LA. =)


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