January 14, 2015

Jakarta - 1 Day Itinerary

We have very low expectations of Jakarta but we were pleasantly surprised by it that we came home full of charming and heartwarming memories to remember it by.  Come to think of it, most of our travel memories that lingers with us stems from the most unexpected adventures.

Jakarta is exactly as they say; chaotic, noisy and polluted; but amidst the chaos, noise and pollution, Indonesians are one of the sweetest, friendliest neighbors we’ve met.  Not only once did someone went of their way to help us find our destination when we were desperately lost – one even acted as our tour guide and photographer and flat out refused the tip we were insisting on.  Indonesians we found are always, always with a ready toothy smile. 

And their food!  Delicious!  We savored every bit and relished every taste.  Word of caution though, when a local tells you the dish is not spicy, DO NOT believe him.  You’ll thank me for it. 


Passer Baroe
Built in 1821, it’s the oldest shopping center in Jakarta.  Much like Manila’s Tutuban, cheap shopping, you can basically find anything here from knock-off designer items to authentic batik products, household items and furniture, textile shops and shoe stores and lots and lots of street food.

Taman Fatahillah also called Taman Square or Old Batavia
All 3 names recognized by cab drivers so you won’t have any problems getting there.  This place has history which will be made obvious by the crumbling buildings, there’s also a museum and a cafe’.   The square is bustling with activities, locals and tourists alike get one colorful bikes for rent, a lot of street vendors selling food, beverage and artworks; and the locals seem frequent the square to socialize.

Jakarta Cathedral
Neo-gothic Roman Catholic Church situated in front of Istiqlal Mosque.

Istiqlal Mosque
The largest mosque in Southeast Asia, visitors are welcomed Muslim or not.  A local at the entrance asked us to take off our shoes and led us to some sort of viewing deck where you can take pictures.  Please be advised that at the exit someone will approach you for a donation, this is not a scam so don’t be too dismissive, they might take you to a room and ask you to sign a guestbook and if you’re lucky, you might get a bit of a history lesson as well. 


Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport – IATA Code: CGK located 20 kilometers west of Jakarta city center  

Currency: Indonesia Rupiah exchange rate at that time (Augusut 2013) 1USD = 12040 Indonesian Rupiah. 

Electrical outlets – 2 round pins 

Philippine time is an hour advance.

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  1. Jakarta is a beautiful city of Indonesia. It offers attractions, food and adventure that will make your stay worthwhile and more memorable.


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