June 30, 2014

Flea Market Shopping, Apliu Street, Hong Kong

We do have at least one specific place we wanted to go to in Hong Kong (aside from H&M) and it’s filled with second-hand if not totally bogged-down electronic devices, old books, cd’s, dvd’s, vinyl records, clothing, house wares, kitchen appliances, antique and pseudo antique watches, jewelries, and old coins.

Apliu Street is tucked away in the much urbanized district of Sham Shui Po.  Once we got off the train, it wasn't really that difficult to find since almost every local we saw seemed to be heading in one direction and that led us straight into the bargain bin of Hong Kong.

Although we were not in the market for anything used, we explored every nook and cranny of the flea market in Apliu Street until a Yamatar camera for only P300 caught my fancy.

Aside from previously loved goods; there were also some shops that sell brand new items such as camera accessories, wireless remotes that control almost everything imaginable, a whole lot of batteries, alarm clocks, LED lights, flashlights and whatnots for a cheap. We got an automatic lens cap for the Lumix LX3 for P150 that sells in the Philippines for P900 – P1,500 at that time.

We also stumbled upon San T'ai Tzu Temple on our way back to the metro.

And when you’re famished from all the shopping, HK style BBQ stalls dotted the streets as well as snacks on skewers. If you’re brave enough, you can wash your food down with cobra infused liquor. We were even offered a free taste but we we’re too sissy to try it. If you’re adventurous enough, tell us about it. Or not.

How to get there: take the MTR to Sham Shui Po Station and take Exit C1.

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