September 11, 2013

Crash Course Mong Kok

For the first time since we started travelling together, MJ did not have a printed excel file of our itinerary, because… well, we do not have one.  What she had for this trip though was a little notebook that contained her “outfit changes”, a list of what to eat and addresses of H&M branches throughout Hong Kong.  As for the sight-seeing part, we kinda relied on the tourist map we got from the airport, crossing out Disneyland of course (as you know by now, we’re not that kind of tourists - no offense to those who are).

Our 1st day was spent pretty much in Mong Kok and despite being the busiest district in the world (noisiest too if you ask me); we loved it there.  The blinding neon signs, the cramped-up alleys, traffic noise, the crowded streets and the stench of boiling pig innards, what’s not to love?  Oh did I mention that there’s an abundance of shopping and lots of places to eat?

In Mong Kok you’ll find anything and everything for all ages and genders; clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, traditional Chinese medicine, bags, electronics, roast duck, dimsum, traditional Chinese street-side food, milk tea and burgers and fries.

There are also quite a number of hotels and hostels in the area, some money changers and 24-hour 711’s that sell tiger balm for a cheap. 

Getting to Mong Kok is easy as it is quite a popular place; just get on a train and get off at Mong Kok Station.  If you are looking for a particular shop, best to do a little research and bring a map, asking locals for direction in a place like Mong Kok can be challenging as everyone seems to be moving in a very fast phase. -KIM

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