July 18, 2012

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Survival and Comfort Kit

Mj teases me about how my packing for a survival kit is like preparing for doomsday.  Of course, as always, she's exaggerating. I'm only packing little comfort items and practical medical supplies enough to last while on the road. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re going to a rainforest or a remote island, or sightseeing in an urban city with 5 star hotel accommodations because if there’s anything I have learned in all my years of existence, it’s that life doesn’t always go as planned and so it’s always better to BE PREPARED.

Pre-trip research usually tells me what to pack for a trip: weather conditions, modes of transportation and the number of hours allotted for it, challenging food and health conditions, and the level of communication difficulty all play a big factor on packing but almost always I have the same items on my survival kit.

TNF ALTIMONT WINDBREAKER designed as a wind breaker but repels water like a raincoat. It’s easy to carry around all day, it folds small and flat and bounces back from wrinkles quite well.

INSECT REPELLANTS AND ANTI ITCH LOTIONS for those pesky mosquitoes. I prefer slip on anti-mosquito bands. I wear it on either of my ankle or wrist all day and forget about it. I find it more convenient and effective compared with lotions where you have to reapply every now and then. I stay away from those mosquito patches, granted that it’s much cheaper than bands or Off Lotion, but it sticks like a stubborn chewing gum leaving unsightly marks on clothes. For anti-itch lotions I rely on AfterBite, its shaped like a pen, really easy to carry around.

LINT REMOVER/ROLL OF MASKING TAPE for that persistent lint. Lint removers are a bit expensive and they come with rollers so it takes up space, masking tapes on the other hand are cheaper, packs easier and it does the job quite as good as lint removers. Plus of course you can use it for its own purpose.

NAIL CLIPPERS keep my nails nice and clean, also serves as scissors for those loose threads on my clothes and to cut off plastic wire straps that I use as extra lock to safeguard my bigger luggage.

MINI LED LIGHT OR HEAD LAMPS are always useful for those times when you’re fumbling with your things and you can’t always switch the hotels lights on.

LITE TOWEL for accommodations that don’t offer free towels. Lite towels are incredibly absorbent and fast drying, also serves a blanket on long flights or train/bus rides. And as for Mj’s case for accessorizing as a scarf.

FACIAL TISSUE & WET WIPES are great for cleaning oneself from the remnants of the road. And besides, who doesn’t need tissue?

EYE COVER/NECK PILLOWS are must haves. It doesn’t provide the comforts of a hotel but it sure as hell makes sleeping in airports and moving vehicles a lot better.

RUBBER FLIP-FLOPS for those shared bathroom instances.


MAP true I can’t read a map but it comforts me to know that I have one.

HAND SANITIZERS/ALCOHOL I buy hand sanitizers by the barrel and I like to just transfer them in small containers and refill when needed. A small refillable container usually lasts me a week. I also like carrying around those small Bath and Body Works sanitizers. There are also times when hand sanitizers just won’t do so I always also gotta have a small container of alcohol within reach.

FACE MASKS are also must haves. I’m a bit paranoid and whenever someone coughs or sneezes, I really get jittery.

MP3 PLAYER/ A GOOD BOOK to keep myself from going crazy over long rides.

SMALL NOTEBOOK AND A PEN keeps all my flight details, hotel accommodations, addresses, information and thoughts i gather while on the road.

MODIFIED FIRST AID KIT AND A POCKET PHARMACY pre-packed first aid kits available on the market contain a lot of stuff I don’t really need so I made one and modified it according to what I think will be useful.  A pocket pharmacy is a small pack of basic meds that can fit right into my pocket or Mj’s purse.

Pocket Pharmacy:
Diatabs or Imodium
Benadryl Anti-Histamine
Topical Analgesic

Modified First Aid:
Band-AidsPaper Tape
Alcohol Wipes
Sterile Gauze Bandage

As for my carry-on survival kit, it mainly consists of my pocket pharmacy, hand sanitizer, face mask, a few munchies and my ipod.

Most of the items don’t take much space and weight and they really make a difference on my travels so I make sure I pack each and everything little thing. Next kit, my Zombie Survival Pack. Kidding.

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  1. owow ... pag kasi ako nagtravel wala lang dala .. basta may damit lang at food


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