June 5, 2012

DINING: Cellar de Oboza, Davao

It was a beautiful quiet weekend after several months of whirlwind events and what better way to cap it off than by a simple but delicious dinner in a charming restored grand old house.

Cellar de Oboza is located at the ground floor of a 2 story impressive ancestral house of the Oboza’s that dates back from 1929 and, sits regally along Rizal Street. The French restaurant Claudes’ occupies the 2nd floor. Cellar de Oboza used to be a favorite old haunt in Habana compound but was then known as the Italian bistro Salutti. We were saddened when it closed so just imagine our glee when we stumbled upon its reincarnated better and bigger self.

To celebrate this re-discovery, we had the usual – chicken breast fillet in mushroom cream sauce with a side of mashed potato for Kim and steak ala pobre (it’s a fillet mignon actually) cooked medium well with steamed white rice for me.

I tried Kim’s chicken and it’s exactly how we remember it to be. The chicken was cooked perfectly tender and was the perfect vessel for the delightful creamy mushroom sauce. The mashed potato has that smooth consistency that I favor. My steak was 3 pieces of tenderloin wrapped in bacon with a good sear on the outside and a still pink juicy inside. The meat was packed with flavor and very tender.

We would have ordered our usual dessert, that decadent chocolate fudge cake if only we weren’t too full. There were also a few additions to their menu that we did not get to try, another reason to go back I suppose.

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