May 27, 2012

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Headware, Keeping Heads Happy

This review is looong overdue. Even that is an understatement. There’s no excuse for that really except that words are coming up short to describe how ingenious this multipurpose accessory that has been sent to us early on in the year and how important Headware has become not only on our travels but even on our day-to-day real life and work activities.

This cool tubular piece of lightweight cloth greatly complements our active work and lifestyle and marries design and practicality seamlessly. Amazing how something this simple could work so great and in so many ways. Pure genius!

So far, here’s some of the many ways we've been putting our Headware to good use:

It provides a pop of color worn as an armband and doubles in wicking away sweat 
while managing to keep hands free especially at shoots. 
This has even eliminated Kim’s constant problem of losing a handkerchief.

 A headband/bandanna to keep the hair off the face with a carefree stylish vibe.
And to mask those bad hair days;-p

A neck wrap as an accessory and it did provide 
warmth on a foggy cold day in the highlands of Bukidnon.

 An effective eye cover/blind.

A mask as protection to dusts and other elements especially during transits.

Packing has always been an important enjoyable process before a trip but I could get cerebral on the item that goes in my suitcase. Headware though has made it easy as this piece of clothing takes too little space yet transforms the most basic wardrobe into something more fun, imagination and creativity is the limit. Some travelers I know even uses it as a belt, and if you're fun size - a tube top or a mini bondage skirt. Plus of course this clever item works for all ages, any size and caters to all gender with its ever widening range of colors and design. Oh yes, we're a fan and Headware do keep these Lakwatseras happy!

In Davao, Headware is available at the following stores: 

Adventure Xchange
Bisikleta Davao
Bisikleta JP Laurel
Brat Pack - SM Davao
Brat Pack - Abreeza Mall
Chris Sports - Abreeza Mall
Kurv Davao
Planet Sports - Abreeza Mall
Riverone Davao
Sports Depot
The Athelete's Foot - Abreeza Mall
The Travel Club - Abreeza Mall
The Travel Club – SM Davao

To know more about Headware, like their page on FACEBOOK and their official web page HERE.


  1. Hello! I love ur blog site! it served as my inspiration in creating my own travel blog. I hope you could visit my blogsite too or even add me on your bloglist. thank u so much and good luck on ur future trips!! - Jan Ashlee,

    1. Oh wow, we're flattered, thank you!:-) You too, have safe and fun trips! Hopping over to your blog:)

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right! So simple, yet multipurpose, what's not to love?;p

  3. Hi Kim and Mj! Glad to see our Headware has been very useful. Thank you! =)

    1. Thank YOU for coming up with this ingenious product=) More power!


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