January 2, 2012

SELAMAT MALAYSIA: Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

Located at the center of Kuala Lumpur is the very core of of Malaysia’s independence, the Merdeka Square or Dataran Medeka. Situated in front of Abdul Samad Building, the square marks the site where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time in August 31, 1957 which signifies the country’s independence from British rule.

In Malay term “Dataran” means square and “Merdeka” means independence which is why the area is also known to many as the Independence Square. It also the venue for the annual Hari Merdeka Parade (National Day Parade) and also a popular venue for concerts, carnivals and other events.

HOW TO GET THERE: the train from KL Sentral and get off at Masjid Jamek LRT Station, from there its only a 5 minute walk.


  1. was here in 2008 and love it. Merdeka has the tallest flagpole in Asia. its a great way to

  2. how ironic and pathetic. i've been to KL so many times and yet, i haven't made a quick stop to see this place. next year, when i go back, i promise to stop by merdeka square and take pictures! happy new year :)

  3. thanks for sharing this , puntahan ko to sa April

  4. It's a little gem tucked in the city, happy to share guys! Thanks for dropping by:-D


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