January 30, 2012

It's a GO for CDO!

The name Cagayan de Oro comes from the ancient local word Kagay-an, which translates to "a place by the river." This energetic city located at the northern coast of Mindanao also stands as one of the major portal to the island. Because of its beautiful landscape, stable peace and order, various transportation options and infrastructure, the area is not only a choice booming holiday destination but also the business center of the region.

Ravaged by tropical storm Sendong (international name: Washi) just a little over a month ago, the wonderful city and its spirited Kagay-anons have long since rehabilitated the area as they tirelessly help each other restore their lives to normal.

 Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan donated this area in Lumbia as a relocation site for the Kagay-anons that were displaced by Sendong. The construction of the bunkhouses and this project is supervised by
MR. ELPIDIO PARAS, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 

One of the most progressive and competitive urban hubs in the country, it is business as usual again in vibrant Cagayan de Oro. In fact, water supply from the CDO water district is now up to 98% restored and the electricity back just a day after Sendong struck December 17 of last year, dawn.  Hotels are functional with all amenities working, including ample supply of clean hot and cold shower.

Rio Verde Water Consortium bulk water treatment facility at Brgy. Pualas, Baungon, Bukidnon. 
This facility supplies wholesale to the Cagayan de Oro Water District.  

The Leptospirosis outbreak has been contained with the City Health Office taking on an aggressive stance to treat those that were afflicted and the residents became more aware of the very affordable prophylaxis available. A 100mg capsule of generic Doxicycline costs Php8 and the prescribed dosage is 2 capsules once a week

The roads to and from the white water rafting places and portions of the Cagayan river where the white water rafting tours are being run are now restored and remain safe and enjoyable.

Official Travel Advisory from the Department of Tourism Regional Office -10
declaring that white water rafting activities in CDO is again SAFE and FULLY OPERATIONAL.

white water rafting photos with the GREATWHITEWATER TOUR
courtesy of MENCHIT ONGPIN

Cagayan de Oro is also the gateway to the nearby Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon where Dahilayan Adventure Park, Forest Park, Saddle Ridge Camp and Dahilayan Gardens are. The road going there remains intact and unharmed. The whole area is just gorgeous plus all the offerings are top notch - from the picturesque natural landscapes and pleasantly cool weather, to the fun exciting (READ: adrenaline pumping) activities up to the food, and amenities! Remember KC and Sam’s Forever and A Day movie? That dreamy charming locale is Dahilayan!

The longest dual zipline in Asia.

The Dahilayan Adventure Park has shuttles from Cagayan de Oro city 
and also offers a zip and white water rafting adventure package.
 For more info, visit: http:// www.dahilayanadventurepark.com/

The strength of the Kagay-anons, and the beauty of Kagay-an is a true testament to the Filipinos’ spunk. Even a natural calamity as destructive as Sendong has not stopped Cagayan de Oro from continuing to be The City of Golden Friendship and the White Water Rafting Capital of the Philippines.

Revisit CDO and help revive its tourism industry. It’s a GO for CDO!


  1. Ms. Regine brought me here... Nice pics! Great article! Bangon, Lambo CDO! :D

  2. Thank you for taking the time out to read our actual account from our visit just last January 18-23.

    Hope this helps check the misconceptions people have on how CDO is doing after Sendong. Mabuhay ang Kagay-an, kudos to the Kagay-anons!:-)

  3. I spent a week in Cagayan de Oro when I was a senior in college doing field work. I'll never recognize the place from your pics -
    it looked like a different world!

  4. Im Dave from Davao. Nice checking your blog. Will read more. Keep your trails going. Im following you :)


  5. Thanks for this blog! were going to CDO on Feb 17-19, 2012 now were convince that CDO tourist spot is ready for us...

  6. Hi Bert! I hope the difference is on a positive note:-)

    Hi Dave! Thank YOU!:-)

    Hi Anon! CDO needs you and is waiting for you. Hope you have as much fun as we did! Please do share your experience with us:-D

  7. great to see that CDO is up and running... yey! i enjoyed the place so much while i was there. whenever i think of CDO, it's always about adventure. let's hope that CDO's progress continues and no more tragedies in the future

    1. We agree with you Gladys, yay! Cagayan de Oro indeed is one of the adventure capitals of the country. The white water rafting was awesome and a must do!

      We are with you too on hoping and praying that that the progress and healing continues:-)

  8. People in Cagayan are survivor!! Go!! Go!! Go!!

  9. Impressive resilient lot indeed our Kagay-anon brothers!

  10. I am so happy that Cagayan de Oro is back again on her own foot. CDO is my real hometown. Got to take the challenge and experience the adrenaline rush in river rafting. As always, you a good photos.:-).


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