November 6, 2011

SINGAPURA: Kampong Glam

Dubbed as the “Muslim Quarter” because of its history, Kampong Glam exudes a certain Arabian feel you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore.

Kampong Glam or Arab Street was once a settlement and trading area for ethnic Malays and Arab Muslims. It was also the home of Sultan Hussein Shah, Singapore’s first sultan. Now it still has a significant Muslim population and has become the center of the Muslim community and this was our next stop.

Just like most places in Singapore, what you will find here are restored houses that has been turned into shops that sell typical Arabian goodies like carpets, precious stones, shawls and scarves. There are also the more modern shops with fashion accessories and clothing, and all souvenirs imaginable.

We wandered around darting in and out of the restrained chaos trying to keep up while savouring all the noise, smells, textures and movements.

A tight street lined on both sides with restaurants and local eateries got their waiters waving the menus eagerly hawking their food trying to attract diners lead to the focal point of Islamic Singapore, the Masjid Sultan (Malay for Sultan Mosque). Located at the edge of the shop-lined Bussorah Street, this very imposing and majestic building has been declared a national monument and can accommodate of up to 5,000 people all at one time.

Entrance to the mosque is free but wear appropriate clothing as this is a place of worship, if you are not properly dressed, robes are readily available if you wish to borrow, photography is also allowed in some areas of the mosque.

HOW TO GET THERE: if you are taking the MRT, get off at Bugis station running in the East West line; it should be a short walk from there to Arab Street. If you are on the hop-on hop-off, the bus will drop off at the bus stop in Beach Road.


  1. i've been to Singapore for a couple of times, but i've never been to Kampong Glam. i should include this the next time i travel there. you're photos are great, too :)

  2. Hi Gladys, thank you! Kampong Glam is highly recommended and easy to navigate. Squeezing 1-1.5 hour would already be good enough to cover the area just to soak up the textures and sights:-D

  3. I remember wearing that blue robe when I entered the mosque at Putra Jaya. Pumasok ba kayo sa Masjid Sultan?

  4. Si Kim lang pumasok kasi ayoko mag suot ng robe, umaarte lang hehe.


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