November 9, 2011


One of the popular Singapore attractions is the throbbing shutter magnet strip at the Merlion Park by the river. The view here offers a dramatic landscape of towering soot- less architecture that pierces the skyline mirrored in the water. Glitzy and dazzling with their kaleidoscope of lights. 

HOW TO GET THERE: take the MRT and get off at Raffles Place station.  Take an exit towards United Overseas Bank Plaza. From the middle of the plaza is the Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Park should be behind it.


  1. Thank you! Makes lugging the tripod worth it.

  2. Awesome night shots! mukhang kasama nyo si tripod sa pamamasyal :)

  3. wow! napatungaga ako sa ganda ng night shots. hays. sana makabalik ako ng SG para masilayan ko din yan sa gabi.

  4. Hi Claire! yes, tyagaan talaga sa tripod:-D

    Hi Gael! I know! I hope you get to go back and that the experience will be different this time. LOL at nasilayan:-D

    Thanks guys!


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