November 17, 2011

SELAMAT MALAYSIA: Transit and Sleeping in Melaka

The train rolled to a stop at Tampin train station at a still pitched black 530 AM - a full hour late from its original schedule. I got too comfy with my upper bunk that I was already snoring even before we left Singapore’s Woodlands Train checkpoint, and apparently the train just started to chug off at 1230 in the morning when the schedule was at 1130 that evening.

Our train station pick up has already been waiting since 420 AM because this sleepy head neglected to inform him that there was a delay. The Tampin train station is where the rail track ends for Melaka but still quite a distance – about 38 kilometers to the north to be exact and located further inland. It’s also a small town so transport options are limited, pretty dead at that hour actually. If ever you find a cab, rates starts at RM100 (or Php1,500 at the current exchange rate of 15.)

Good thing Asri, the owner/manager of Oriental Residence Riverside Guesthouse in Melaka has been such a kind soul. Upon confirmation of our 21 USD per night for 2 person booking with him through agoda, we exchanged emails to arrange our transit from the station to his guesthouse. He volunteered to pick us up himself since he has a car and he felt it safer for us that way, the charge was a regular daytime cab rate of RM 60.  The only requirement he asked was that if we could communicate with him to know our schedule and I didn’t get to do my part. Ugh, sorry Asri! We felt so bad having made him wait at that ungodly hour so we paid him more than what was previously agreed but he doesn’t even want to take it. Awwww!

As they were loading the bags I settled in and when I woke up, we are already parked in front of a pleasant whitewashed beautifully cared for Chinese shop house that is regally sitting by the river. This 8 room guesthouse is going to be our home in Melaka and we couldn’t have picked a better accommodation.

The location is excellent as it’s only a few meters and a pleasant walk away from all the attractions, eating-places, moneychangers and all you might need for your holiday. You can’t beat the ambiance too.

Our air-conditioned double room with an awesome view of the river is spotless, comfortable and intimate. The bathroom although shared is huge and remarkable in cleanliness. No ewww moment!

And the way Asri was on top of things making every guests’ stay as convenient, comfortable and enjoyable as possible should be the benchmark of everyone in the hospitality business – the way we were taken cared of is comparable to that of our stay in some highly rated expensive hotels. No exaggeration, just pure contented holiday bliss and the realization that dirt cheap does not always take on the literal sense.


  1. Beautiful shophouses lined on the street! Love the nightshot.

  2. Nice find, for that price you got a clean AC room with very friendly staff :)

  3. love the backdrop. Sana ganyan din ang Pasig =)

  4. We agree with you Makunat, sana nga.

    I know Claire! I was so hesitant at first because it was really cheap and seems too good to be true, that I'm really glad it all worked out great:-D

    Hi Gay! Indeed! It's a pleasure just walking around this charming little town. Thanks!:-D

  5. would it be ok to ask for their email address as we have plans of staying in melaka from singapore on our way to KL?

    1. Hi! Apologies for the late reply, but hope this still gets to you in time, here it is -

      Happy travels and please do send him our best regards!:-)

    2. thank you. actually our travel will still be this november but we're planning as early as now. and guess what? we got a complimentary 2 night stay at the Orchard Hotel after we decided to do this Singapore/Malaysia trip. Now our accommodation hunting is now limited to KL only :)

    3. Oh wow, lucky you! Looks like your trip is off to an awesome start!:-)


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