November 29, 2011

SELAMAT MALAYSIA: Jonker Walk at Night, Melaka

Jonker Street in Chinatown Melaka is a haven for antique shoppers. This narrow street also known as Jalan Hang Jebat or Jonker Walk harbours’ a good number of old shop buildings that sell 17th century artefacts and relics like Chinese porcelains, brassware’s, lamps, furniture’s, coins and money notes to name a few. It’s a place that seems to be suspended in time so if you’re in Melaka and scouring for antique treasures is your thing, a walk along this street is highly recommendable. As for us, admiring the old building was enough.

When night falls during weekends, the entire street is closed to traffic and it is transformed into a night flea market with an almost carnival-like atmosphere. Antique shops vanishes and is replaced with make shift stalls with their ingenious light fixtures spotlighting their wares. Sellers scream at the top of their lungs competing for your attention and shopping dollars, even doling out sample of their edible goods.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff to buy here and by interesting I mean tourist junk and we are suckers for those.

The night market is best experienced on an empty stomach, if you can; try not to have dinner before going, as the market offers a unique variety of gastronomic treats. We just followed the trail of stalls and when we got at the end of the street, we were surprised at how much food we’ve already consumed.

If you want a proper sit down dinner, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. We made sure not to leave Melaka without sampling plates of the nyonya cuisine that they are extremely famous for. The dishes are a tasty fusion of Chinese and Malay recipes. Restoran Famosa seems to be a popular choice among tourist and locals and they are known for their tasty Chicken Rice Balls. These balls are almost the same size and shape that of a ping-pong ball and cooked in chicken broth. It is usually paired with roast chicken, duck or pork and is best eaten with pounded chilli sauce, but it is so flavourful that you can eat it on its own. Freshly baked flaky and buttery pineapple tart was the perfect dessert to cap that dinner.

The weekend night market in Jonker starts at 6pm and ends at midnight.


  1. I love night markets but mostly because of the street food (mura ba yung lingerie dito :)

  2. i love the night markets... sayang, we only did a day tour in melaka. we should have stayed longer and spend the time at jonker walk :)

  3. Makes a mental note to self about getting around to exploring Melaka soonest!

    I liked Malaysia so much, I was there three separate times this year. :) The first time to go to KK (timed to see rafflesia in bloom), the second to KL (as our start-off point to the somewhere else), then lastly to Langakawi (where we ate like there was no tomorrow).

    Langkawi is laid-back and lovely and is what every dream vacay is made of. Oh and the entire island is duty-free. :D


  4. I love night markets and totoong dapat gutom ka habang nag na-night market kasi in the end mabubusog ka naman habang kakasample sa mga pagkaing katakam takam on the way..

  5. Hi Janna! Would love to explore more of Malaysia, like you did!:-D

    Hi Joan! Di ba, smorgasbord!:-D

    Thanks Brenna!:-)

  6. curry fish ball, hainanese, and other souvenir stuff- what a way to spend the night, the cheapest possible and enjoyable way.

  7. Coming from Singapore, it's amazing how far we got to stretch our travel dollars here even after the slightly bonggang souvenir shopping:-D Truelili Chyng!

  8. Hi Gladys! The pace there is so laid back and the atmosphere is really warm and charming that we want to go back and stay longer:-)

    Hi Claire! Si Kim ang binentahan eh haha!


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