October 12, 2011

SINGAPURA: City Sightseeing with Duck and Hippo Tours

The Hop-on Hop-off tour bus is a great way to see Singapore if you have limited time. It stops at all major attractions giving you more time to actually enjoy the sights at your own pace rather than getting lost. It also doubles as a transport option as it connects to major malls and hotels, and could even bring you to Sentosa. It’s a little pricey if you’re on a tight budget but its money well spent. No more wasting time trying to figure out how to get to the next attraction, no more scrambling for loose change when you get on a public bus, no more queuing on train stations and best of all no more looking like an idiot tourist who can’t figure out the map.

idiot tourist who can't figure out the map
Duck and Hippo Tours offer 3 types of tour buses on these routes - the original tour, heritage tour and city tour. We got the Singapore Sightseeing Pass (SSP) valid for 2 days at S$33 that comes with a free river cruise and unlimited hop on and off on any of those 3 buses. We just hailed the first one we saw with the logo of Duck and Hippo tours and purchased our passes on board and we we’re then able to hop-on and off on whatever route we fancy. You can also buy passes at their hub in Suntec mall. Keep your receipt as they randomly check it. The pass also included a guided walking tour of Little India and Chinatown, although we opted not to partake in the free guided tours as we wanted to walk around on our own pace and be on our own schedule. We’ll also write about our own DIY walking tour next.

one of their gaily painted double decker open top tour bus
comfortable and spacious air-conditioned interiors
While it’s tempting to just stay in the bus and cruise through Singapore’s sights comfortably on an air- conditioned bus with cushioned seats or on the second deck with the air blowing on your face while listening to a recorded voice as it tells you a little something about the structure you just passed or about to pass by, I strongly suggest you get your lazy butt off the next bus stop and walk around to get a better feel of the sights, smell, taste and sounds of the diverse culture Singapore has to offer. Of course the bus wouldn’t stop and wait for you to get back, which is why you have to grab a copy of the bus’ time table so you’ll know exactly what time the next bus will be stopping where you got off. The city got an impressive traffic flow so buses are almost on the dot.

the time table
NOTE: Go to the designated bus stop as Singapore has strict traffic rules, it’s not like the Philippines where you can just wave your hand and the bus will magically stop to pick you up no matter what. Remember ignorance of the law still excuses no one and Singapore isn’t called a “FINE” city for nothing.

We did not partake in the free guided tours but the free river cruise was just a little too good to pass.  Our boat sailed off at Clarke Quay and took about 30 minutes (with live commentaries) giving you a different glimpse of some of the attractions along the banks.  Some boats also offer unlimited hop-on hop-off access.

show your receipt on this station to get your river cruise pass
aboard the water taxi
jumping chocolatey kids at One Fullerton
the SG flyer
Merlion by day as seen aboard the water taxi

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  1. Singapore flyer is nice to look at from afar but kinda boring as a ride unless you're really keen on taking pictures of the cityscape at night :)

  2. I wanna see sentosa .... nice post!

  3. Singapore is indeed a beautiful place. I love the jumping chocolatey kids hehe :-)

  4. Hi Claire! Thanks for that, we don't feel bad missing the flyer. Might be an ignorant assumption thinking it a huge ferries wheel but it sure do looks like it:-D Pero pag night shot aboard it, is it stable enough for long exposures?:-D

    Hi Eigroj! We missed Sentosa too haha. Again, pardon the ignorance but we weren't too keen on Universal Studios, even the man made island itself, feeling namin its an affront to ur beautiful natural islands but that's just us:-) Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Belle! We love Singapore! We wish to go back sometime soon, sana!:-D Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Nice pics po. I want to go to Singapore too because I heard that eventhough its a small country, its beautiful and nice. Thanks for giving us a preview.. :)

  6. That's a pretty sweet deal. Something ideal when traveling with the family.

  7. Hi Zen! SG is indeed beautiful and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. We're still on the process of writing more about SG so stay tuned, hehe.:-)

    Hi Gay! It is! Sulit and convenient!:-D

  8. I joined three Original Singapore Walks: Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. All three guides were entertaining, with an excellent knowledge of Singapore's history. I was initially concerned that each of the tours involved stops at local shops but these stops turned out to provide insights into local Chinese http://www.privatetoursinistanbul.com Indian and Malay traditions. They included a Chinese herbal medicine shop, an Indian sweet shop, a shop where Muslims can buy non-alcholic perfumes, a sari shop, a sarong shop. There was never any pressure to buy from these. The walks included things you would miss if you travelled around the areas alone, e.g. an unidentified graveyard where members of the original Sultan's family are buried, as well as provided interesting insights into Singaporean temples and mosques.


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