September 17, 2011

Packing for Singapore-Malaysia-Cambodia

There are few people who like to pack and I’m one of them as long as it’s the holiday kind, not the really tedious moving-houses kind. The THOUGHT PROCESS on styling and the practicality that go with my travel wardrobe could be a little too much as dressing for travel has its own challenges but it’s sartorial stress that I actually enjoy. Packing is also done early - at least a week in advance - that way there’s a lesser chance of forgetting something. I hate over packing so my ruthless editing to have the perfect compact closet needs time. Admittedly a bit of a control freak here that I just can’t throw a bunch of random stuff on my SUITCASE.

I’ve also been always curious on other travelers pack so I thought I’d share the actual clothes that got tucked into my wheelie for the upcoming 15 days vacation in 3 countries. 4 if we include the north in - country. These are pieces that are breathable and comfortable without sacrificing style yet still appropriate and weather ready and not tip the scale on excess baggage fees. I hope.

SINGAPORE – like the Philippines has a hot and humid climate and usually rains through out the year. Most young people are very fashionable so to not stick like a sore thumb, I’ve packed lightweight fabrics in simple cut shift dresses but with enough polish. Air-conditioning at the malls, restaurant and public transport can get chilly and I have my blazer (in a dark solid color that I could mix and match with the rest of my outfits) for
that. It can be untailored unbuttoned with sleeves rolled to the elbows and de-daintify my girly clothes. For temple visits, I have my scarf to throw over the shoulder.

MALAYSIA – is very casual but since it is a Muslim country, there is an unspoken rule to dress modestly- with knees and shoulders covered. It’s also hot and humid so it’s best to wear loose cotton fabrics. If I need more coverage for those religious site visits, I can just whip up my trusty scarf that I always keep in my bag again.

CAMBODIA – has a very relaxed attitude in dressing and some temples in Angkor complex are no longer active places of worship though many Buddha images are still tended by monks. To tell the truth, I’ve watched Tomb Raider again to see what Angelina’s costume was for outfit inspiration but seeing for a fact that I can’t pull off Lara Croft’s skimpy-booty-hugging-lycra-mini-shorts and tank tops without looking indecent, I have to revise this image in my head and settle on dressing up like a self styled NatGeo (not so ancient) archeologist instead. The coral color and one shoulder is my take on monk fashion.

I’ve already packed before I thought of putting this post so some clothes are already a bit
wrinkled but nothing the steam from the hot shower couldn’t fix.

Dresses are my default key items that I usually just cinch with a skinny belt. I also bought a few extra “just in case” dressier pieces that don’t take up much space. Leggings, denim shorts and tank tops are travel staples as I can layer them under dresses for proper coverage and added warmth in transits.

the curious Reese wants in on the photo

As for the footwear I bring inexpensive yet broken in comfortable items. There’s a t-strap tan sandals that works with almost everything I’ve packed, my cushiony Toms skimmers for transits and for the Angkor complex visit, and rubber flip flops for the bathroom and the hotel pool.

A neutral colored tote to round up my entire outfit changes and large enough to accommodate the stuff that I need to dump in it.


  1. Parang feel ko mas marami pa yan dapat...kasi may Manila leg na shopping na naganap! Mwahahaha =)

  2. Hahaha, bisto! Actually, me daya ng unti, di ko na nalagay yong extras haha!;-p I have so many tips to share for your upcoming trip, chika when we get back.

  3. Aalis na ako sa 26, pano yan? Hahaha =p But I'm patiently anticipating Cambodia info!! Wiiihhh!!! I hope you both are safe. =p

  4. i dont like to pack! effort yan for me.
    but yes i agree, the outfit is part of the planning =)

  5. We did BertN, thanks!:-)

    I guess I belong to some extinct breed who likes to pack Chyng, haha. It makes me feel more efficient having all grounds covered - especially the custom changes haha!

  6. para ka rin palang ako pag nag pack,a week ahead para maisip ko lahat ng dadalhin at nakalista lahat ng laman ng bag ko para i just tick it off pag pauwi na...

  7. Hi Virgo! Yes, I actually feel more organized and efficient that way. Asar yong me naiiwan kang gamit:-D


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