August 3, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Zoobic Safari, Subic

Zoobic Safari probably is the closest thing I could ever get to wildlife photography. And although it doesn’t nearly count as “wildlife” because most wild animals are already either tamed or caged, one can’t help but feel a little Nat Geo-ish.

Visitors are assigned a tour guide per group which will accompany you all throughout the safari. First stop is the Zoobic Park - a petting zoo and observation area where some animals are caged and chained while other more domesticated species roam freely among the guests.

There’s also the Rodent World, Croco Loco, the Serpentarium where they keep all the cold-blooded animals and the Aetas' Trail where they get to show off their hunting and monkey dancing skills which I have to admit, is quite entertaining.

The tour includes a tram ride that will take you to the Animal Moozeum and the Tiger Safari where you can have close encounter with fully grown Siberian Tigers as you transfer into a reinforced wire meshed- jeep while the safari guide feeds the over grown cats with chicken.

Also part of the tour is a drive to the Savannah, a sanctuary for exotic animals like wild boars, potbelly pigs and wild ostriches, these ostriches even run along your car or cross the road as you drive by.

TIP: The tour takes 4 long hours so be sure to wear comfortable breathable clothes. Tickets are at Php449/adult.

HOW TO GET THERE: Zoobic Safari is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, if travelling via private car, take the NLEX and take the exit after DAU going to SCTEX then take the Tipo-Subic Expressway to go to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, when you get there, ask for a map of the Freeport Zone, the park shouldn’t be difficult to find. If travelling by bus, take Victory Liner, they have terminals in Pasay, Caloocan, Sampaloc and Cubao, get off at the Olongapo Terminal and take the jeepney to SBMA, from there hire a cab to the park, cab fares are a bit expensive in Subic so don’t be surprised.

ADDRESS: Zoobic Safari, Tiger Amusement Park
Wildlife adventure park – Group 1, Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines 222

Subic Office:
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222

Makati Office
Tel: (+632) 895-7142; 898-3695; 899-9824; 899-9595
Mobile: (+63) 917-8351111
Fax: (+632) 899-9829


  1. Pwede na rin di ba, cheaper and safer version of a real safari tour :)

  2. Hi Claire! Yes, winner na for the price and truly safe coz that's as far as engaging our wild side goes for us these days:-D

  3. I enjoyed my visit here too especially because I'm with my son, pero hindi namin natapos ung tour sayang I didn't get to see manong on his t-back! :)

  4. Oh wow this is so cool! I've heard of Zoobic Safari ages ago, but never seen photos as kickass as yours guys! Note to self, take Luna there when we're back in Pinas :)

  5. aw thanks! yes, Luna would surely have a grand time there Gay. Nai-imagine na namin precious expressions nya, too cute haha!

  6. It is not a t-back, guys please. They are Native Aeta Brothers, and they have a beautiful culture. One way of them preserving it is they still wear their traditional clothing (bahag), which I believe is noble and admirable. Zoobic upholds them and their culture, for people to appreciate. Subic is actually their ancestral land, and their forefathers had even taught the Americans how to survive in the jungle. Absolutely beautiful pictures by the way.


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