August 17, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Panglao Impressions, Bohol

Panglao Island in Bohol is one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines with its landscape of dramatic cliffs and stretches of white sand beaches set against a crystal clear sea in exhilarating varying shades of blue.

Southwest of it is the well developed Alona Beach. The one and a half kilometer stretch of white sand coast is mushroomed with spas, resorts and dive shops that cater to every budget and more frequented by tourists. Water activities like snorkeling, dolphin watching and island hopping can easily be arranged anywhere in Alona. Just approach any of the multitudes of parked bancas lined on the shore and negotiate on the rates, but chances are, they will approach you first. This is also the jump off point to the Virgin Island and Balicasag Island well known for its marine sanctuary.

Balicasag only has Balicasag Island Dive Resort at the moment if you decide to stay overnight. Swimming in the island can get quite challenging though as the beach has a lot of big and sometimes sharp rocks. Virgin Island on the other hand is perfect for swimming with its flat water and a long stretch of powdery white sand bar.

 arriving at the Virgin Island

 Balicasag Island

The Bohol Bee Farm can also be found on this islanc located in Brgy. Dauis, just a good 20 to 30 minutes from Tagbilaran. Of course the farm houses thousand of bees but it’s not all about honey. The farm resort also offer modestly priced accommodations and several themed restaurants that serve fresh and organic ingredients (cave resto with a swimming pool, bamboo resto and honeycomb resto). And although I’m not a big fan of organic foods I must say I enjoyed sampling their malunggay (Moringa) and ginger flavored ice cream.

To read about Tagbilaran, CLICK HERE


  1. My god i love panglao!!!! Stayed there for a week vacation... And did the bohol tour, so Nice experience .

  2. Wow, a week! We're jealous:-) we were only there for 3 nights. Panglao is indeed a gem.


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