July 25, 2011

PLANNING: The Joys & Pains of Planning A DIY Trip (Part 1)

It's less than 2 months before the next big-ish trip and I’m fleshing out the itinerary.

Money - constraint that is, dictates the pace of this upcoming (pseudo backpacking) travel and I want to make sure that whatever remains of our meager travel peso reserves is going to be well spent. Our budget largely determines the type of accommodation we’d stay in, our mode of transportation and how to get from point to point, activities to maximize our days, dining options and must eat at places, even our schedules. This desire to be efficient tends to border on being anal, but don’t worry, that’s all in the pre-trip stages. We do know how to enjoy ourselves when there.

Work (as we’re both in freelance), that is synonymous to irregular paychecks have been slow in coming this year. Also, our previous forays in CEBU-MOALBOAL, BOHOL,VIETNAM, CHINA and  BORACAYalso went beyond our quota of 1 in country and 1 out of the country travel a year that has ultimately done serious damage to our shallow accounts; yet we can’t afford to cancel this next lakwatsa.

Our Davao – Manila; Manila – Legaspi; Naga – Manila; Clark – Kuala Lumpur; Kuala Lumpur– Siem Reap; Siem Reap - Kuala Lumpur; Kuala Lumpur – Clark; Manila - Davao has already been bought and paid for as early as the last quarter of last year. 18 tickets between the 2 of us and it will be such a terrible shame if it will just go to waste. Granted, these are bargains from the budget airlines’ 0 seat sale fare which we got at not even a quarter of a regular price. Still, we would loath to let this chance go.

If push would come to shove, guess we could drop the Legaspi-Naga part since it’s easier to get local tickets on the cheap and easier to travel in country. Besides, as previously mentioned, our yearly goal (to travel in-country) has already been met three folds. But you know how irresistible the siren call of the Philippines is.

Anyway, with the finances hitting an all time low, I’m back to the drawing board and my ever-dependable spreadsheet to figure out the practicality of this trip and to crunch numbers – ahh the joys and pains of planning a DIY itinerary for 3 countries in 9 days. If you include our domestic lakwatsa in Luzon, it’s 4 countries in 2 weeks.

The nitty gritty of the plotted itinerary HERE on Part 2.


  1. sounds exciting, with those cheap fares! Bon voyage!

  2. I sooo feel for you guys! Right now the hubby and I are doing freelance, and though we were able to save a fair bit... we need to work our arses off to be able to afford our traveling vice. Goodluck to you two :)

  3. Hi Ding! We got really lucky with those dirt cheap fares! Thanks!:-)

  4. Hi Gaye! This freelancing gig is a 2 bladed sword. Enables the wanderlust with a more flexible time although sometimes we'd be hard pressed to afford this vice.:-D Thanks!

  5. Thanks to the zero-piso fares and discounts from budget airlines. Hope they'll continue to shower more discounted seats :D

  6. Right, we hope they do! We've even made a pact to only travel abroad for leisure if we get our airfares hugely discounted, no full retail and this has worked for 4 years now, yay! :-D

  7. I guess planning a DIY trip is already an adventure in itself. (Masakit sa bang pero sulit kapag nasa byahe na) :)

  8. i'll be watching your trip. keep it up. :)

  9. Hi Claire! Ay true that, masakit talaga sa bang pero nakaka high na rin sa excitement:-) And the thrill when in a new foreign place, ahhhh, precious!

    Hi Ca, thank you! We are beyond giddy with excitement:-D


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