July 6, 2011

NI HAO MA CHINA: Yu Bazaar & Yu Yuan

Our Yu experience was a bit of a nightmare considering the heavy down pour of rain and sheer number of rowdy tourists that day. With that said, we tried our damndest not to let those factors get in the way of our enjoying the Old City.

TRIVIA: The ubiquitous zigzag bridges is due to their belief that evil spirits have problem with sharp corners making it difficult for them to get across

The Yu Garden and Bazaar is one of the most Chinese (read: touristy) spot you can get in Shanghai, everything here breathes (made in) China! We found ourselves lost in a maze of shops lined with either string of pearls, delicate yards of silk and embroideries, little souvenir knick-knacks and antique ornaments - from traditional Chinese clothing to western brands, shoes, candies, biscuits and other munchies for sale by the gram, all enveloped in the stench of dumplings – fired and steamed.

Because of the shopping it’s easy to forget that the main attraction here is the 400 year old garden. But once you find yourself out of the tourist trap designed to blow your every yuan away, a most excellent manicured grounds await.

Built as a private garden for Pan Yuduan during the Ming Dynasty, the Yu Yuan or Yu Garden is considered one of the finest classical Chinese gardens in existence today.

The 2 hectare garden is divided into 6 attractions: The Great Rockery (almost 50ft), The Dianchun Hall or the Heralding Spring Hall, The Wanhua Chamber or the Ten Thousand-Flower Tower, Yuhua Hall or Jade Magnificence Hall, the Lotus Garden with its zigzag bride and lake pavilion and lastly the Inner Garden.

ADDRESS: #132 Anren Street, Shanghai 

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  1. aahh China..
    and the 3 pinoy drug mules. hehe im scared!

    hhmm universal - yes. specially if you could be there as soon as the theme park opens. dami ko kasing di napuntahan, 2pm na kami dumating. hehe

  2. A 400-year old garden?! I gotta see that. Too bad we cancelled a flight to China early this year to make way for hubby's biz trip. We booked Shanghai :( I really love that country and me thinks it's sorta underrated.

  3. Hi Chyng! Ayayay with the drug mules but with your Indonesia experience, I'm sure it's not gonna happen with you again. Lightning doesn't strike at the same place twice daw:-D Sana hehe.

    Still deliberating on the Universal tour kasi 2 days lang kami sa Sg, we'll see:-)

  4. Hi Gay! I know right, still so much to see and do in China. Inggit kami sa Beijing and Xian nyo, sana makabalik sometime soon and explore more of it.


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