July 28, 2011

DINING: Ristorante Spirale, Davao

Our addiction to this restaurant is on an upward spiral - my theory is that, this constant cravings stems from their mouthwatering menu and also from my insatiable wanderlust, but since we can't afford the trip to Italy (YET! as if!), I just have to content myself with stuffing my face silly with their authentic Italian dishes

Masarap na pakunswelo de bobo. (Does this have an English equivalent?)

Ristorante Spirale is located in a quiet nook of Damosa Complex. The place is homey, cozy and with brightly lit interiors with a casual charm that attracts families and first-daters (just like the couple beside our table). The food is such a treat every time - there are extensive dishes to choose from and to shake things up with fresh ingredients resulting in flavors that blends nicely. Below are our personal favorites.
appetizer (prosciutto, salami, assorted cheeses, roasted peppers and olives)

 roasted rosemary and garlic chicken

gordo pizza (tomatoes, mozarella, ham, sausages and olives)

chocolate fondue 


 penne saliscce

 alfonso pizzata


step 1: place an arugula leaf on your pizzata strip
step 2: roll the strip with the arugula on it
step 3: get your jaws on them and enjoy!

This is also one of our fail-safe-go-to-restaurant every time we have visiting friends as the service is consistently nice and the food over and over again delicious.

CUISINE: Italian
PRICE RANGE: php200-1000
LOCATION: Damosa Complex, Angliongto Road, Lanang, Davao City
TEL. NO.: (082) 234-6298


  1. spirale = good mems! thank you for bringing us there on our visit!!!! =)

  2. You are long overdue for another visit!:-D

  3. looking at all those foods makes me hungry now! can't wait to feast on some of them :D

  4. Hi Doi, you should definitely include this in your IT. :-D

  5. I miss the food! -peng

  6. Even if they overcooked your fish? Hahaha! Come back soon sweetie! Kisskiss!

  7. Alam mo...kung advanced sana yung Fly Pinas ng PAL i would have loved to have gotten it!!! Yung mas may time ka mag plan? Imagine pwede sana ako magfly for the day ng wala lang dyan sa inyo??? Dammit!

  8. Confession: we did not even checked that one kasi ang hirap ma tempt, we can't afford it na hahaha. Pero that would have been awesome, wala lang day, fly! hahaha!

  9. Seriously, if they had advance notice like other airlines, i bet we would have bought! Haha Pero baka yun nga yung point, hindi abusuhin ng mga tao. hahaha =p


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