June 28, 2011


I may not be the most fashionable person but I think fashion is fun and should never be taken seriously. Add to that how I definitely want to stay as chic as I possibly can be on a third world paycheck and in residence at the suburbs. My sartorial taste might not be fasyon enough for you (read: baduy or uncouth) but its what I'm comfortable in. Sometimes, dressing up is enough pick-me-upper and I love looking at pretty dresses even if some of the clothes I’m lusting on sells for an amount that some people in my third world country could never amass in their lifetime.

Anyway, I always bug Kim to take pictures of my outfits every time I’d be bothered to put on something that is a notch higher than house clothes; and outfits to wear on travels has always been high up on the planning list so I thought why not make my street wear a part of this journal.

I personally think it to be a brilliant (shameless vain) idea although it took a lot of convincing for Kim to agree. Its hitting 2 birds in 1 stone – Kim got to practice the craft while indulging my penchant for over documenting. Really.

(My 3 year old Chucks not getting the wear they deserve. 3rd time to see the light of day.)

(WHAT I'M WEARING: Black Sheep crop top worn backwards - gift from Mausy & Kit ; Black tunic worn as dress from Bangkok, 3 year old Chucks, Ray ban wayfarers. Lacoste crossbody messenger bag.)


  1. in the first photo, you look like such a happy kid emgee!

  2. Cool! Shoot pa kayo nga marami. Who knows, you could branch out to a different blog eventually that focuses solely on your style and Kim's shots. :D

  3. Rica! I've forgotten about this chucks so para akong nag shop uli ng shoes when I saw it haha.

    Hi Cedric! Ayayay, maybe haha. As it is (once a week) I hope we could keep up. Thanks mucho for the vote of confidence though;-p

  4. Go! May supporter kayo dito. Hehe.

  5. Nice idea, I've been thinking actually of doing the same thing but prolly not on my travel blog and focus it mainly on my best ukay finds :)

  6. Hi Marky and Cedric! Thanks guys;-p

    Hi Claire! Ohh i'm liking the ukay finds. Looks for less! Go na, sounds fun:-)

  7. Love the chic and laidback style :)


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