May 26, 2011

Singapore Impressions

Singapore is an island-state. A small country on a small island but peopled with a colorful medley of over 4 million Chinese, Indian and Malay and smattering of Pinoys that makes up for a character and culture rich destination.

It is a place that celebrates its population of unique identities and ethnicity. Inhabited by a fairly huge amount of people in a small area but seems to me to be coexisting in peace and order.Not once did I feel crowded and yes, I showered!

First full day was spent settling comfortably in our roles as huge vegetables and didn’t really feel like such an oddball with a map on hand only because we we’re too lazy to open our maps and got so at home with the Hop On – Hop Off bus making it our very own public transpo. Too comfy in fact that we even had a power snooze on board after that yummy Haninanese chicken rice lunch.

Opened our maps just twice that day, laziness on the nth level but that’s what holidays are for, right?First map consultation was on the morning before leaving the hotel to find the nearest hippo tour bus’ stop and the 2nd and the last time was at night when it’s time to locate The Hive, our home for 2 nights.

On the second day, we already made an effort to hop on and off the bus and jaywalked (oops) for up close and personal obligatory photo ops with the sites but our paparazzi session was unceremoniously cut short by the erratic weather. So it’s back to the bus for another siesta! Singapore has 4 seasons - the hot and the hotter, the wet and the wetter (clip stolen from our Chinese guide).


  1. I like that photo of the two monks with a ferris wheel on the side :) And is he wearing shades? Cool!

    I still have to plot my trip to Singapore. So many places to see!

  2. Twas my first time to see monks and I too was impressed. True that, groovy monk!:-)

  3. I love Little India, so many colors, scents, spices and little odd things. And of course Mustafa is my shopping haven :)

  4. Little India is where we spent most of our 48 hours on, so rich. Impressive how they get to protect and uphold their culture in the midst of urban Singapore. GOtta go back and explore more of Mustafa though;-p

  5. Parang ang saya sumakay sa hop-on-hop-off bus, never ko pa yan natry, siguradong walang ligaw moments hehehe

  6. Hi Claire! Aliw and sulit sya as it was on promo when we were there, you only had to pay for a day and you get the next day ride for free. In essence, hawak mo pa rin ang oras mo and they have more than a few buses that gets around. :-D

  7. antagal mag-load ng pix ng site mu dear. =(
    but anyway, an saya naman at na-enjoy nyo SG. ako hindi. hehe I got disappointed bec of the immgration., not a good welcome. But will give SG a shot again nxt time. I saw nga that hop on-hop-off buss, $18 ata that time pero pauwe na ako at kulang an ako sa time. nxt time will try that. thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Hi Gael, thanks for the heads up, maybe we should resize the photos. I think the hop on - hop off works well for SG kasi walang traffic mashado so the buses keeps the schedule and since the place is small you get to visit all the highlights:-)

    What happened to the immigration?

  9. your photos always amaze me. ang galing =)


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