May 10, 2011

AMAZING THAILAND: Bangkok Cheap Thrills

A visit to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without shopping. Thus, we allotted a full day with nothing on the agenda but some serious business - to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP. Because the capital of Thailand is one big shopping mall and everything is just so cheap.

CHATUCHAK is a weekend flea market with over 10,000 stalls sitting on a 12 hectare land making it the biggest weekend market in the world. The market is a complex labyrinth of everything - from exotic souvenirs, to antiques, to clothes, to accessories to food and drinks, to PETS. You name it, they have it. Not an easy market to tackle and definitely not for the shopping wimps.

PRATUNAM DISTRICT houses the towering modern air-conditioned malls, to the famous bustling roadside markets selling fashionable clothing items and accessories all designed to blow off your baht. This is not that hard to do since we have just a few anyway.

TIP: Buy 3 or more and get a huge discount - we're talking about 50-60% off the retail price. And don't forget to pack an empty bag on your luggage*wink*

For electronic gadgets, go to the multi-storey Pantip Plaza also at the Pratunam district. There's a wide array of thingamajig to choose from and satisfy your geeky needs at cheap price.

HOW TO GET TO CHATUCHAK:  take the Skytrain BTS and get off at Mochit Station or you can take the MRT (underground train) and get off Kamphaengpecth Station, from both stations its only a five minute walk.

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HOW TO GET TO PRATUNAM:  you can take the BTS and get off at Siam Station, from there its quite a long walk to Pratunam or you can take the tuk-tuk instead of walking.

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  1. Hi! Is one day enough for shopping? D ba siya bitin? haha :)

  2. Hi Tina! That is a valid question haha. Actually..., medyo bitin talaga ang one day. But I'm sure, whatever your itinerary for all the other days will be like, it will be capped off with shopping coz as we've said Bangkok is like one huge shopping mall. Anything and everything is for sale all over - no exaggeration, promise!:-D


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