April 4, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Zee Life in Boracay

Most people go to Boracay to party while we’re one of the few Pinoys who actually go there to just vegetate on the beach, swim and eat. Even if its bikini season, diet could never be an option.

It was 4 days and 3 nights of a perfect weather that we milked big time. Did nothing but swim on the sedate turquoise waters to shake off our buffet breakfast, sink our toes on the powdery white sand under a backdrop of gorgeous blue skies, catch up on our reading and just get up in time for lunch in one of the hundreds (plus plus) dining options in the 7 kilometers stretch of the world famous white beach.

Siesta is at the beach too or if the sun was too much, inside the air-conditioned comforts of our hotel room.

 Only shaking off the stupor to watch the impressive color dance of the sun setting on the horizon with a glass of cocktail in hand. Then it’s off to dinner and nightly massages.

That was an established routine the whole 4D/ 3N on the island. Might be boring for you but ZEE LIFE for us!

If I’m away for some time, I forget how beautiful the island could get but as soon as I step on Cagban port, Boracay reminds me how much I love it. I understand it gets CROWDED (an understatement even) for a reason but it’s still sad to see it too jam packed with commercialism, a double edged sword. Of course there are more options thus better choices because of the competition but it also comes with environmental repercussions brought about by irresponsible TOURONS (tourist morons) and traders that I’m glad some measures are already being implemented. Applause is in order for the months old ordinance of
finally banning smoking on the shore. Rids those other kind of unsightly butts! No pun intended.

HOW TO GET THERE:  There are a number of ways to get to Boracay.  All  local airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, South East Asian Airlines) flies to Caticlan, the gateway to the island. From the Caticlan airport, the Jetty port where you take the outrigger boats to cross is not too far, just a few minutes away.

You can also land at Kalibo and take the van or buses that plies the Caticlan route. Ride is 1.5 hours.

Or the 6 hour bus ride from Iloilo city to Boracay.

written by mj


  1. this post reminded me why the hell am i still in Manila instead of basking in the sun in Boracay! What a trip!!! :)

  2. Life in the island really suspends reality, if only we can live there!:-) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. true kim and MJ! even if they say Boracay is overrated, it's actually not. I've been there and somehow kahit maraming tao, it still looks peaceful. I want to go back there so I can finally see that Boracay sunset kasi umulan nung first time kong nagpunta. :D

  4. Parang ang Boracay minsan me ugaling ayaw ipakita ang kanyang gorgeousness sa first time visitors. I actually got to appreciate it on my 3rd time, the first 2 visits, the weather wasn't good too.Ganon din ke Kim, bagyo when she was first there.

    There's a reason why the world comes to see this tiny island that no matter what anyone says, Boracay will never be over:-)

  5. hello....magtataka pa ba ako? syempre ang ganda ng photos! =) looooooooooooooove them!!! =) kinikilig (ok fine that means giddy in my world haha) ako para sa inyo. i love how the blog is growing. yay bayong!!! =)

  6. Yay, kinikilig din kami sa comments mo hahaha! Thank you so much for the encouragement Rikikay, you're always generous with your praises, love love LOVE!

  7. Love this post! This will probably be my itinerary too! :)

  8. Ah yes, vegetating, swimming and stuffing your face silly is the best itinerary ever, apir! haha!


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