April 13, 2011

ITINERARY: Guimaras, Iloilo, Boracay in 7 days

Here's something to help fill up your 1 week in Panay based on our recent  lakwatsa in the western Visayas region. This was done last March 2-8 of this year (2011) flying in to Iloilo city from Davao and exit in Kalibo (to Manila for a 2 hour lay over) before our final flight home to Davao.

Day 1: To Guimaras
From Iloilo airport, there are metered cabs, shuttles and vans that can take you to the city. The airport is about 30-45 minutes away.

Head to Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo City. Cross the Sulu straight via pump boats for 15 minutes. When you get to Jordan Wharf in GUIMARAS ISLAND, there are multi-cabs and tricycles for hire to bring you to Nueva Valencia where La Puerta Al Paraiso is.

Ask the driver to drop by at the supermarket to buy the world famous Guimaras Mangoes. It’s criminal not to eat mangoes when you are in the island.

Enjoy the rest of your day relaxing by the beach. Try feeding some fishes at the shallow coast.

Day 2: Back to Iloilo City
Take the resorts air-conditioned Revo to bring you back to Jordan wharf or arrange a pickup with the multi-cab driver that brought you to the resort. Agree on the time beforehand as the mobile phone signal at the resort is wonky.

Along the way, stop at the TRAPPIST MONASTERY for some pasalubong shopping. The calamansi and guava jams, mango flavored piayas and mango bars were a hit and a personal favorite.

Back in the city, have a steaming bowl of Batchoy from either Ted’s or Deco’s.

Fortified with that noodle soup, check in at HIGHWAY 21 HOTEL along General Luna Ave. After check in, you can proceed to have a LEISURELY STROLL IN THE CITY. Check out Molo church, the Iloilo Museum and Jaro’s cathedral.

Reward yourself with a seafood feast for dinner by the beach at either Tatoy’s or Breakthrough in Villa. A heaping plate of fresh oysters is only Php 50 (USD 1.16). Wash it down with buko juice still on its hull.

Day 3: Southern Iloilo Heritage Trail
Start your day early and warm your tummy with a bowl of Molo soup and lava hot coffee to shake off the remaining traces of sleep.

When you’re sated, alert and ready, take a jeepney from the Transport Terminal in Mohon Public Market and head SOUTH OF ILOILO. 59 kilometers away from the city is the town of SAN JOAQUIN, drop by the town's church and Campo Santo Cemetery.  Then make your way back to MIAGAOGUIMBAL AND TIGBAUAN and stop on each town to visit its churches for a showcase of culture, history and architecture that dots the landscape of the province.

When you get back to the city, grab a refreshing bowl of halo-halo from Carlitos a sister company of Biscocho house where you can then buy some more sweets to bring home.

Celebrate having tackled the Southern Iloilo Heritage Trail with a nice dinner and a bottle of wine at AL DENTE   within the compound of Sarabia Manor.

Day 4: Transit to Boracay
From Tanza terminal hop on a Ceres bus for a 6 HOUR RIDE TO BORACAY.

Check in at LA CARMELA de BORACAY RESORT HOTEL and take your first day easy. Have a massage to de stress those tired limbs after that long hours on the road.

Sink those toes under the powdery white sand and wander on this gorgeous island.

Day 5 & 6: The life in Boracay
There are lots of activities to keep you occupied on the island. You can try helmet diving, snorkeling, island hopping, parasailing and what not’s. BEING A BEACH BUM is also highly encouraged!

HUNDREDS OF DINING OPTIONS are present to satisfy your discerning palate.

Have cocktails while watching the spectacular sunset. Take advantage of the happy hour as most resorts offer a buy one take one promo on drinks.

Day 7: Back to reality
From your hotel, take a tricycle to Cagban port. The Caticlan Jetty port is not that far away from the airport. If your flight is in Kalibo, there are an abundance of vans in the area that can bring you there; the ride is about an hour and a half.

written by mj


  1. wow! guimaras and iloilo pa lang nagagawa ko... sana boracay naman soon! thanks for sharing... i enjoyed reading...

  2. Nakow madali na lang yong Boracay for you:-D
    Glad you enjoyed it, happy to share!

  3. Great itinerary! I was in Panay last February and was able to visit Antique, Iloilo and Guimaras. Hopefully Capiz and Aklan na naman next time.

  4. Nag lunch kami sa border ng San Joaquin and Antique, does that count hahaha! Andami pa talagang magandang puntahan sa Panay. So many places to see, so little time... And travel funds;-p

  5. Consider going to Guimaras in the Philippines if you plan to have a vacation. It's definitely a nice place to spend your summer.

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