April 6, 2011

DINING: Boracay Must Eats

Diet is baduy (Pinoy slang which loosely translates to uncouth or unfashionable) and could never be in our vocabulary in whatever season - bikini season included.

Aside from the shared wander lust, stuffing our faces is also high up on our list so here are just some of the must eat at places in the island, for these lakwatseras firmly believe that you have not really traveled if you haven’t eaten well.

Bon app├ętit! *kisses fingers noisily*

ZUZUNI  means little insect in Greek and is usually used as a term of endearment. This 4 room boutique hotel and restaurant sits at station 2 in the world famous white beach. If you want authentic Mediterranean cuisine, this is the place to be.

Their anchovy tomato penne is a testament to simple but really satisfying good food
Potent tiny cup of Metrio Greek coffee

CUISINE: Greek and Modern MediterraneanPRICE RANGE: Mid
LOCATION: Zuzuni Resort, Station 1, beachfront, White Beach

OLE’ is located inside D’Mall and serves great tasting Cuban, Mexican and Spanish fares. The name which means “bravo” or “good job” is truly befitting.

Try their paellas, tabla of queso and cold cuts, gambas, chicken bbq.

 Enjoying a barbeque, tabla of cheese and cold cuts 
washed down with fresh mango shakes. 

CUISINE: Spanish, Cuban, Mexican
LOCATION: D'Mall Station 2

DOS MESTIZOS  located in an alley in Station 3 beside the Police Station offers top quality Spanish-Portuguese cuisine. Their tapas buffet every Saturday night for Php 550 features 15 different tapas (appetizers or snacks) enough to fill your hearty appetite. They also have an impressive wine selection.

Complimentary crusty and warm bread with 2 dipping sauces (pesto, vinaigrette) is served as soon as you are seated. Aside from the tapas, the paellas are a hit. The beef salpicao and callos con garbanzos are good for sharing and highly recommended.

Warm crusty bread with dips of fresh pesto and vinaigrette floating in olive oil

Huge serving of callos con garbanzos

CUISINE:Spanish and Portuguese
LOCATION: Alley Bear, Balabag Plaza, Station 3

BITE CLUB GRILLED BURGERS  The ultimate comfort food -fast, messy and greasy! The fat patties are already mozzarella filled but you still have an option to customize it to your liking by adding another slab of topping. Other topping options include blue cheese, cream cheese and mushrooms. Order the potato wedges to go with your burger and a tall glass of soda. The place is small thus with limited seats and tends to get packed.

 Charcoal Grilled Burgers
Potato Wedges

CUISINE: gourmet burgers
LOCATION: D'Mall, Station 2

LEMON CAFE' bright cheerful little cafe tucked neatly in D'Mall too. Who needs reason for pastries? Perfect with lava hot coffees and teas.

Frothy Mochaccino

CUISINE: cakes, pastries, sandwiches and coffee
LOCATION: D'Mall central courtyard, Station 2

How about you? What's your favorite eats when in Boracay?

written by kim & mj


  1. Sarap naman nung tiramisu. Didn't have the chance to check these places out the last time I went to Boracay. I'll check these out when I return. :)

  2. Hi Cedric! Hope you enjoy them too as much as we did. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I agree with Cedric, yung tiramisu, gusto kong tirahin! -- lol, parang pangit pakinggan. hehe

  4. ooohhhh...wanna go back there :) and congratulations with your new theme! :)

  5. LOL. Para ngang masagwa, haha! That tiramisu tasted as good as it looks Ed. I'd go as far as saying twas the best I've had.

    Hi Ley! Thanks! Finally figured out how to make the photos appear bigger without overlapping. We're so not techie like that:-D

  6. I'm chcking out PTB's pages today and all I read is food food food! nakakagutom tuloy! haha
    Zuzuni is a must-try! sarap ng kain ko jan last time we went to Boracay.
    Thnx for sharing this! =)

  7. Hello,

    I am albert of albertology.com. Like you, I am a davao blogger. I came across with you blog after hundreds of blog hopping. I was finding a photo and article from a blogger who have just spending time in boracay recently. Lakwatsera, I want your blog post on boracay be featured on my on going blog. The blog actually talks about "best posts" and we have chosen yours as the main feature.

    So, I am asking your permission for reposting in on our blog with CREDITS and LINKS ofcourse. This will be up as soon as I finished dragging best posts on blog for the year 2011!

    Looking forward for your approval.


  8. Pinaysolobackpacker: yon lang pasta and cofee ang may matino kaming photos sa Zuzuni kaya yon lang ang nakapost pero true ka, lahat ng na try namin don success:-)

    Albertology: Yes please, just credit and link back. Thank you!

  9. natatawa ako sa face ni kim. can you say HAPPY??? mwahahahahaha ang ganda ng photos, napakalinaw. im inggit. ang galing. =p u want those wedges. haha

  10. Default happy face pag busog!:-) Thanks Rikikay! Balik tayo;-p

  11. Hrrrrn. Nandito lahat ng favorite ko sa Boracay! Kailangan makabalik!

  12. Onga ang sarap sarap kumain at ang sarap ng pagkain don. Gusto din naming bumalik!:-D


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