April 17, 2011

BUDGET: Guimaras, Iloilo, Boracay in 7 days

We’ve been meaning to list down all expenses for this trip so we can give you the accurate budget down to the last cent but jotting down every payment becomes a bit of a chore after a while so we've abandoned the idea on our 2nd purchase. In spite of this failure, we’re still thinking of doing a regular “travel budget lowdown” on this blog. We’ll see if our itemization skills will improve.

Anyway, even with the absence of a prodigious list, we’re still able to track our expenses because of an Excel plotted itinerary made in advance with a corresponding column for expenses. With the spreadsheet as our guide, we were able to relatively determine the cost of the trip.

For this, our ballpark figure totaled to Php11,006/person (USD 250). This includes our airfare for 3 flights (Davao to Iloilo, Kalibo-Manila, Manila-Davao) all via Cebu Pacific Air which we bought on their amazing zero fare promo from last year, terminal fees, accommodations, commuting expenses, food and drinks.

We also ask for receipts to better track our expenses. That is if we don't forget.

That amount could not even cover the airfare alone have we bought it on a regular rate that we felt we could afford to splurge a bit more. We firmly believe that you have not really traveled if you have not eaten and drink well so we allotted an allowance for the pursuit of these pure hedonistic pleasures. From Php 11,006 we rounded the budget to Php15,000 (USD 340), the maximum amount each of us would be willing to spend. Upon deducting what we owe our plastics for the airfare and hotel fees, we pooled what’s left in a mini-bayong which became our joint wallet we took turns holding on to. At the end of the trip even with nightly massages in Boracay and some pasalubong (a Filipino word for presents bought for loved ones) shopping, we still had a crisp Php1,000 (USD 22.72) bill and some spare change left in the wallet.

So the lowdown for this 7 DAYS OF SIGHTS, SUN, SAND, SEA, FOOD AND FUN FILLED LAKWATSA from Iloilo City to Guimaras Island, to Southern Iloilo to Boracay amounted to Php 14,500.00 (USD 329.50) per person. This may already be cheap for you though we could still have definitely cut down on the cost, but we like to pamper ourselves a little when we travel for it’s not every day that we get to live this life anyway.

Doing this trip on a cheaper budget is still of course possible provided you plan ahead of time, and with the proliferation of budget airlines, flying is now very economical. Note too that our expenses depends on the choices we make like capping our every meal with dessert and a cup of good coffee instead of paying for a helmet dive, having a few glasses of cocktails while waiting for sunset instead of jetting off skiing on the water, and getting a nightly massage but foregoing island hopping. It’s a matter of tailor fitting your budget to the things that you love to do, the things you could forego and your level of tolerance to rough it up. Or not.

Some itemizations below lifted from excel. Budget is per person, some costs we're shared and divided among 4 people, or just between the lakwatseras - me and Kim

Davao-Iloilo air fare via CebuPac's 0 fare promo Php 96 USD 2.18
Davao airport terminal  fee Php 200 USD 4.54
Iloilo to Guimaras transit and back (boat, multicab fees)  Php 330 USD 7.5
1 Night La Puerta Al Paraizo resort accommodation Php 800 USD 18.18
Iloilo-Caticlan air-conditioned bus fare via Ceres     Php 325 USD 7.38
2 Nights Highway 21 Hotel accommodation Php 1,150 USD 26.13
Caticlan Port-Boracay Port via Montenegro Fast Craft + dues Php 155 USD 3.52
Boracay Port to La Carmella via tricycle   Php 25 USD 0.56
4 days, 3 nights La Carmela hotel accommodation   Php 3,900 USD 88.63
2 nights massage  Php 600 USD 13.63
Tricycle La Carmela to Cagban  port Php 75 USD 1.70
Boat to Caticlan + Van to Kalibo     Php 250 USD 5.68
Kalibo Airport terminal fee    Php 40 USD 0.90
Kalibo to Manila airfare via CebuPac's 0 fare promo  Php 298  USD 6.77
Manila to Davao airfare via CebuPac's 0 fare promo Php 298      USD 6.77
T3 terminal fee   Php 200 USD 4.54
SUBTOTAL Php 8,740 USD 198.68

The rest of the budget went to tip and pasalubong shopping but obviously the HUGE chunk is on FOOD and DRINKS.
    **Exchange rate at the time of travel is at USD 1=PHP 44. 

    written by mj


      1. Ang cute ng bayong!

        Re: spreadsheet
        Save it as HTML then copy paste the bit starting from <table> to </table>

        This is best done with Open Office, since MS Office adds a bunch of tags that bloats up the code.

      2. Yay! Thanks for the tip, we'll try to figure it out:-)

      3. Galeng! May cost breakdown talaga. Very helpful! :)

      4. Thanks Ley! Kulang pa nga yan at we haven't figured out what Nina has taught us yet. So you see, hindi naman talaga kami maarteng traveler, we're cheap! Lesh gow, byahe tayo!:-)

      5. wow! salamat sa tip! sayang sana tumuloy na kami ng Boracay, kaso kulang na kami sa oras nun eh... maybe next time... =D

      6. Ok lang yan, andaming ways and means to get to Boracay, madali na lang for you next time.:-)

      7. emgee, walang outfit spreadsheet? mwehehehe =) i remember us bonding over excel files (for pre trip budget) and loving nina's detailed budget posts. haha apir!

        pag gets nyo na, magpapaturo ako. hahaha

        im happy you guys are getting more readership, yay! =)

      8. Rikikay! Shempre meron nahiya lang akong sabihin hahahaha! Ahh yes, those crazy pre-trip researches, at peg namin si Nina sa budget posts kaya lang fail kami sa details pa hahaha. Baby steps!

        I know!*kilig*

      9. Special shout out to Nina of www.JustWandering.com for sharing that invaluable tip on how to do a proper spreadsheet. Ikaw ang peg namin for this and we really appreciate it. Yey!

        Rica of ang www.kaladkarin.com, Kim will email you the step by step guide. *shoots fist in the air*

      10. Proper allocation of budget can help you save more while on trip.


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