March 30, 2011


I don’t know about you but I like my stuff dry and functional.

Next to losing my belongings on a trip, keeping them dry as bone is always a concern.  Although of course you wouldn’t intentionally jump on the ocean with your pack on or walk through the pouring rain and drench your camera in the process. To be on the safe side here are my constant travel companions that helps me safeguard my gears from the elements.

The JJC rain cover is probably the cheapest DSLR rain cover there is in the market, it works just well and it is reusable. It is made of polythene to protect cameras from rain and any other unwanted weather and environmental particles. Its drawstring lens opening offers a snug fit on any lens with a 6’9 inches in diameter and 17’9 inches in length. It also has an eyepiece opening fitted for almost every type of camera viewfinder and is designed either for handheld use or tripod mounting.

google images
JJC DSLR Rain Cover (php350 for a pack of 3)

Most internal frame backpacks and laptop/DSLR backpacks even if they are water repellent come with a rain cover but they also come with a slightly higher price. So if you have a pack that doesn’t have a rain cover and you’re a bit paranoid and don’t trust that your water repellent pack isn’t enough to keep your stuff dry, then getting a separate cover is something you might wanna consider. Kingcamp is one of the lesser popular brands and therefore costs less. The material is Polyester and has a sewn-in elastic outer lining flap that can easily fit any 30-45 liter backpacks.

Kingcamp 30 liter Backpack Rain Cover (php350)
available at JS Gaisano, Davao

A roll-top closure dry sack made with the toughest and lightest waterproof nylon called Siliconized Cordura (perfect if you’re traveling light). All seams are double stitched and tape sealed with a smooth and flexible finish for easy packing and has a Hypalon (polyethylene and synthetic rubber noted for its resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures) top rolling closure with a buckle. Although this particular sack is not designed for boating and marine use, it keeps my stuff dry (especially electronic gadgets) perfect for a day lying around the beach. The sack also doesn’t have a lash loop for a carrying strap, but Sea to summit has a wide variety of dry sacks you can choose from and most of them do have lash loops. This works perfectly well for me during city tours as I can just roll it flat and stick on my pocket ready to be whipped out in case of rain.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack (php900)
available at all branches of The Travel Club and The North Face 

A much thicker material and a tad heavier, but it’s a lot prettier more perfect for the beach. The see through material makes it convenient for me to see my stuff stashed inside. The top can be rolled down to lock and form waterproof seal. With this, all my worries about my gadgets getting soak melts away. It comes with a lash loop and adjustable carrying strap that I can just sling it across my body leaving my hands free.

Rubber Ducky Dry Sack (php900) 
available at sports and outdoor shops of Robinsons Galleria, 2nd floor

What was once only a home essential used for storing food, clothes, toys and linens, these multi- purpose resealable bags has become an important element in traveling. Here’s why:

i use it to keep all my snacks together

or my first aid kit

can also double as a compression pack
available at all supermarkets

Ziplocs and other resealable bags come in different sizes and its uses are virtually limitless, bottom line is, it keeps everything organized and because its made of plastic, it keeps my stuff dry at all times.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to encourage you to leave your gadgets and other belongings to the elements or to purposely dump it on water.

written by kim


  1. Zip top bags and dry sacks should be in all traveler's packing list! I keep my toiletries in a resealable bag..not only because it's the airport security's policy, but it also means that if one of them spills, it doesn't go into my clothes, or worse, my gadgets :D

  2. True that! The peace of mind not having to worry about spillage and ruined stuff, priceless. Thanks for dropping by Nina:-)

  3. I don't have a rain cover for my backpack yet :( Should buy when I visit Manila soon. Awesome tips here!

  4. Hi Gay! My Kingcamp has worked really well for me and the cheap price of Php350 sweetened the deal. The more popular brands like Sea to Summit and Deuter are in the Php1,000 price range.

    Glad to share!:-)

  5. aaww, never had anything in the list. =(
    would love to have that dry sack and ziploc soon!

  6. Hi Chyng! Not having to worry about getting your stuff wet is huge. Couldn't do without them anymore:-)

  7. Oh I like this entry too aside from the camera bags :) great job. kompleto jud ug details :)

  8. great tips! thanks for sharing...

    would u know kung san merong water proof case for point and shoot cameras? naghahanap ako, wala akong makita sa mga dept stores... eheheh! thanks po!

  9. Thanks for dropping by, it's our pleasure to share!

    we're actually on the look out for those water proof case, here in Davao we've seen some from Nikon and Canon shops, i'm guessing they might have it too with their other branches nationwide.

    or try this online shop.

    or these sellers from Quiapo:
    Henry - 0917 320 0990
    Mayer - 0917 896 0168

    let us know when you finally get one and please do share how is it "po"!:-)

  10. Hi Tessa! Thanks! We try, glad you like it:-)

  11. awesome post! I want the rain cover at only 350!
    habagat also has a dry sack at 500 Php for 20L -- the material is also thick :D

    like chyng, i don't have any on this list. hope to get either one soon! :D

  12. okie doks po! will let u know pag may nahanap ako...

  13. Hi Ed! That 350 is indeed a steal. There's habagat here in Davao too, must make it a point to visit their shop.

  14. Hi Kim! Thank you very much for sharing, will hunt soon for that dry packs! :) Medjo paranoid din ako ngayon n-experience ko na muntik mstranded sa boat :)

    Thanks again :)

  15. Hi Tina! Goodluck on the hunt, happy to share. You're welcome!

  16. may stupid question ako. mwehehehe is the JJC CAMERA RAIN COVER reusable? =p

  17. hindi naman stupid question yon, valid hehe. yes, reusable. sa pack of 2 isa pa lang nagagamit ko and used it 4 times na and plan to use it some more.

  18. si owee ang may kailangan nyan! mwahahahaha meron kayo sa past post dati yung cable with lock, meron bang cable lang for sale? ok nga daw for backpackers para kung wala lockers, you can attach it to the bed. ahihihihih

  19. kelangan mo rin niyan! hingi ka na lang sa kanya pag bumili siya! hihihi.. naghanap na rin ko before nung cable lang, wala ko makita eh. meron rin pacsafe, pero net siya, it can cover the whole backpack and can also be tied sa kung saan, mahal nga lang 3500 ata.


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