March 10, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Trappist Monastery

Dropped by on the “Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Abbey” since it’s just by the road on our way back to Jordan wharf.

This abbey that follows the Cistercian Order (is a Catholic religious order of enclosed monks and nuns. They are sometimes also called the Bernardines or the White Monks, in reference to the colour of the habit, over which a black scapula or apron is sometimes worn- Wikipedia) was founded in 1972 and is the only men’s monastery of the order in this country.

The emphasis of Cistercian life is on manual labor and self sufficiency that they have always lived by the labor of their hands, and for centuries have preserved food with utmost care producing delicious jams, jellies, marmalades, dried fruits, fruit juices and pastries. This order also does not require abstention from alcohol that some monasteries brew beer both for the monks and the public. These Trappist beers that contain residual sugars and living yeast improves with age has become famous and is considered by many beer critics to be amongst the finest in the world.

So yes, that answers that nagging thought you’ve wanted to ask, we have not gone religious at all. It all boils down to food and alcohol. But before you get excited as well and rush to the abbey, I must say there was no trace of that fine beer for sale at the gift shop when we were there. Shyness got the better of me so I didn’t ask, booo!

jams and marmalades

mango piaya (php33 or 0.76usd)

dried pineapples

Oh well, those little gems of not too sweet and a little chewy mango bars with cashew nuts quite made up for the minor disappointment.

mango bars (php75 or 1.75usd)

HOW TO GET THERE: the monastery is right in the way highway of Jordan in Guimaras, if you are going to Alubihod or Nueva Valencia you will be able to pass right by it.  Tricycles and multicabs are the main mode of transport and almost all drivers know the attractions..


Buho Ramirez Cave - a small cave with 3 openings with gushing waters.
Balaan Bukid Shrine - a scenic view of Iloilo City, has a large cross and a chapel on top of the mountain.
Guisi Lighthouse - 18th Century Structure with Spanish ruins.
Buenavista Wharf / McArthur’s Wharf - it was built by Lt. Douglas McArthur in 1903.
Navalas Church - the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the province of Guimaras.
Roca Encantada - summer house of the Lopez family built in 1910 on top of a huge rock, declared a "heritage house" by the National Heritage Institute.

written by kim


  1. hahaha food and booz got you there! well, the monks would store it somewhere in the cellar...but i haytchu, i want to go there :( i wonder when ampf!

  2. Ley, Olan will be going to Iloilo on May, sabay na lang. I actually wanna join him kung may budget na!

  3. raquelllimlinganMay 22, 2011 at 4:47 AM

    How can I possibly purchase their products if I am in Pampanga? Do they accept and ship orders since I am from San Fernando Pampanga. If so, is there a minimum order required for shipping? And I also want to know who can I possibly contact regarding the orders. Thanks.

  4. Hi Raquel, we are not connected with the monastery but below is the their website, hope you find what you are looking for there and the answer to your queries.


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