March 9, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: La Puerta Al Paraizo Resort, Guimaras

Guimaras, home of the world’s sweetest mangoes as listed by the Guiness World Record in 1995 is located in the southwest of Panay and is physically separated from Iloilo by a narrow watercourse.

But Guimaras is not all about the world famous mangoes, they have that and so much more.  

From Ortiz wharf in Iloilo, we took a 15 minute pumpboat ride for Php15 ((USD0.43) to cross the Sulu strait to get to Jordan (Hor-dan) , the capital of the island.

Ortiz Wharf for pump boat rides going to Jordan Wharf in Guimaras

 arriving at Jordan Wharf, Guimaras  
From the pier, it’s a 30 kilometer of paved asphalt road and 7 kilometers more of rugged zigzagging terrain that took an hour's drive by a multi cab for Php600 (USD 13.95) to get to San Roque Nueva Valencia where our resort is. 
vehicle for hire at Jordan Wharf in Guimaras

part of the 30 kilometer of paved asphalt road

part of the 7 kilometer of rugged terrain

part of the road's under construction

La Puerta Al Paraiso, loosely translated as “the door to Paradise” quite lived up to its name, inducing another kay ganda ng ating light bulb moment.  Well worth the long and quite bumpy transit.

La Puerta Al Paraizo's entrance

I love how secluded it is and the islets in the middle of the ocean as well as the pockets of sheltered bay along the yellowish-white sandy shoreline gives off a rustic unspoilt ambiance. Perfect for lounging and catching up on your readings, or for simply lazing around. 

You will find little in the way of the social pleasures of the loud city night life. It’s just you, the beach, the friendly fishes (yes, you read that right! -see photo below), and the moon and the stars. Not even a decent cellular phone signal. Exactly my idea of a perfect getaway.

cheeseballs loving fishes

Rooms are located along the cliff overlooking the aquamarine waters dotted with rocky coves and smaller islands. Our native themed cottage but with modern creature comforts (2 queen sized beds, air- conditioning, ensuite bathroom with hot and cold shower, closet, and a veranda) is priced at Php 3,200 (USD 75), haggled down from Php 3,600 or USD 84 since we were there on a weekday, can comfortably accommodate 4 people.


There is also a pool that we have quite snobbed on our stay. I mean, what do you need a pool for when you have the ocean, but that's just us.

Bringing of food is not allowed since they have a restaurant that has a limited and quite overpriced menu that I really wish they would work on to improve. But all in all, I would highly recommend it for the attentive staff and the sheer beauty of the place.

resort's restaurant 

 dinning area

HOW TO GET THERE: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flies daily to Iloilo, from the airport there are metered taxis, shuttles and vans, head to Ortiz Port where pump boats will take you to Jordan Wharf.  La Puerta is located in Nueva Valencia, hire a tricycle or multicab, they know where it is.   

call or text 63 927 5079024 or 63 916 8642598


  1. must visit guimaras soon...

  2. this is a big help even though our trip here is still set for august :) Thanks!

  3. Hi LuvLeegurl, glad to be of help. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did. And don't forget to eat lotsa mangoes! :)

  4. a very great and hubby are thinking of following your steps..Iloilo - Guimaras - Boracay!!!

  5. a must to see destination..we're planning to make your IT ours. such a very helpful & informative blog.thank you for making this...

  6. Hi Loreen! A must see indeed, another Pinoy pride. Have fun on your lakwatsa and cheers for your own beautiful moments:-)

  7. I disagree that the food is overpriced. The food is not mass produced, as in a foodcourt. The servings are large and very tasty( in my own opinion ). The menu has a very large selection compare to other resorts I stayed in.

  8. Hi there! Thank you for dropping by.

    It's good that you enjoyed the food and that the choices they offered suited you well.

  9. i stayed there last weekend, and since the weather is bad we had the resort all to our selves. the food is a bit pricey but it's ok since it's for sharing. i just hope that the road will be imrpove especially if the zoo in guimaras will open, which they said will be the biggest in philippines.---gracey

  10. Hi Gracey, isn't the place gorgeous? Too bad the weather did not cooperate on your trip. Parts of the road were already under construction when we were there so hopefully it'll be finished soon. Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  11. Wow! 15 pesos na ang boat ride? last November, 13 lang ah... hehehe!

    Ah kaya pala mahal dyan sa La Puerta Al Paraiso, maganda naman pala... Why not? if you have money to spend, go lang... as long as you get your money's worth... ayt?

  12. Sulit naman sya, the place is truly gorgeous and the staff very attentive:-) we wanna go back, sana sana!:-D

  13. maganda talaga yan!!!super!!!!!

  14. hi,
    want to know the rates for la puerta al paraizo hope you can pm me @

    1. Hi Jack the details are within the post, their contact details are at the bottom.

  15. I highly recommend Kuya Michael he is our Tourist guide/ Tricycle driver/ Photographer, when we visit Guimaras last June 17, 2015. He is very nice and honest. Feel free to call him next time you visit Guimaras. He will fetch you on time at Jordan Wharf and greeted you with his warm smile. Here is the Contact no. of Kuya Michael Selorico -- 0908 324 6835.


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