February 19, 2011


I know I said I like traveling light and I do.  I try to pack as little clothing and travel essentials as possible, but when it comes to my camera and it's accessories, it’s pretty much no holds barred.

What’s inside my camera bag:
2 ND filters
1 GND filter
Square Filter adapter and holder
Circular Polarizer
Flash Trigger
Shutter Remote
8 AA Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
2 SD cards
Nikon sb600
Nikon d60 with battery grip and an 18-135mm lens
Nikon 35mm lens
Portable Hard Drive
sometimes a 15.7 inch laptop

It’s not really a long list but try carrying it all in one pack while traveling and you’re bound to break that back of yours.  

For someone who has a bad back like I do (don’t get any ideas, it’s not because of old age) searching for the right camera bag is quite challenging.

With all the brands available in the market, picking the perfect one is no walk in the park, and it doesn’t help that they cost more than my Cebu pacific roundtrip plane tickets either.

Can carry 2 dslr bodies, 3-4 lenses, flash and accessories, can hold laptops up t0 15.4”, fully adjustable dividers, has front and side filter pockets.  While the pack is well padded the straps weren’t, I always feel like they were about to tear away from the pack itself.  For a backpack that carries so much weight, the straps should have a little more thickness to them and a padded waist support too.  This bag can accommodate a lot but the lack of pads in the strap just didn’t do the job for me.

image from top1trader.multiply.com
Fancier Type 2 Pro DSLR/Laptop Backpack php 2,300
available at top1trader.multiply.com

Side entry compartment provides easy access to the camera even while walking, all you have to do is slide the pack 180 degrees to your side, you don’t even have to put it down in the ground, open the zipper, pull the camera out and shoot away.  Outer pockets for external accessory storage, thick cushioning for better protection of your gear, adjustable dividers, water resistant, can fit 15.7” laptops and a side mesh pocket for water bottles and other accessories.   Straps are well padded and have waist support, perfect bag especially if I need to carry my laptop with me.  

google images
  Lowepro Fastpack 250 php4,500

Minimalist design with adjustable shoulder straps, there’s a loop on the back for attaching waist belts. Not enough storage space, although you can store basic accessories like memory cards and USB cables and a spare battery..  Fits most cameras with an 18-55mm or 55-200mm lens without a battery grip.  So forget walking around with another lens and a flashgun, although you can always carry your filters in your cargo pants side pockets.

google images
Case Logic TBC 306 Camera Holster php1,000

The brand that has fancy names and has fancy colors too.  Water repellent and has a rip-stop lining, fully padded adjustable dividers, external pocket enough for spare batteries, cables and cleaning materials, internal mesh zip pocket perfect for filter storage, side gear loops for attaching lens and other accessory pouches.  Great bag, carries all my camera needs.

google images
Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home php5,000

Out of the four camera bags I’ve mentioned, only two has really served its purpose, the Lowepro Fastpack 250 and Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home.  The Fastpack is perfect for travels that requires the services of my laptop, but for days where I can do without it, I just take my Six Mil with me, it’s easier to carry, gives me more maneuverability than carrying a huge pack on my back, and it looks more fancy!

And although I’m quite satisfied with the two bags, it still hurts my back.  So the search is far from over because a camera bag can make or break your vacation, i mean your back.

written by kim



  1. nicely said. enjoyed reading this entry even though I really don't travel and don't have a big camera like yours. :) very informative as well :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by Tessa. I'm working on another entry on how to keep your stuff safe and dry, that might work more for you :)


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