February 27, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Surfing 101 in Pictures

At Dahican Mati, Davao Oriental


  1. Now that's a photo essay! A funny one too :)

  2. Andami kong nainom na tubig alat dyan! hahaha! Hindi staged yong reactions, totoo yan, I was scared sh*tless coz TRIVIA: these lakwatsera does not know how to swim pero nag aambisyon mag surf. LOL!

  3. pwdeng tumawa? hahaha. nice pics! ganda ng pagkaka-capture ng moment! kahit di ka marunong lumangoy i still salute you for braving to try it! ayos!

  4. Hi Doi and Batang Lakwatsero!

    This photos never fail to crack me up, bahala ng ilaglag ko sarili ko hahaha!

    Sabi ng mga local surfers when I told them I wanted to try but doesn't know how to swim:

    "Sige lang, i risky!" --word for word translation, spoken with a Bisaya accent:-D


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hahahaha~ meron akong entry for this one.
    i have a stolen shot, nakikipagchismisan to the surfer on my side while waiting for the waves. hihihi

  7. Panalo! Good thing your surfing experience was caught on cam. No words yet very funny. :)

  8. Chyng: Share!;-p

    Josiah: My personal paparazzi(Kim) is very bad, that when she's bad she's good haha! Pati ako natatawa na lang sa sarili ko:-)


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