February 24, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Harbor Square, Manila

Ask any photography enthusiast in Manila where is the best place to catch a sunset or for practicing your night photography skills and 8 out of ten will say “Manila Harbor Square."

You’d be surprised that as early as 4pm, a line of tripod goes as far as your eyes can see. We missed out on the sunset this time though because of the traffic our dear Manila is also famous for but if I may say so myself, we still got pretty good shots.

And if you get hungry anytime during the shoot or you wanna reward yourself after getting perfect exposure, there are also loads of restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Below is the list for some of them. 

Dencio’s Bar and Grill
Food: Filipino, Seafood, Grill
Price Range: php150-500 

Food: Snacks, Ice Cream, Desserts
Price Range: php50-200 

Food: Filipino fast food, Snacks
Price Range: php35-150 

Food: American fast food, Snacks, mostly chicken
Price Range: php35-600 

Mang Inasal
Food: Filipino, mostly chicken
Price Range: php50-200 

Mocha Blends
Food: Gourmet Sandwiches, Coffee
Price Range: php 50-above 

Pancake House
Food: Snacks, pancakes, fusion, American, pasta
Price Range: php100-700 

Food: Gourmet sandwiches, cakes, snacks, coffee
Price Range: php200-above 

Reyes Barbecue
Food: Grilled
Price Range: php50-300 

Teriyaki Boy
Food: Japanese
Price Range: php200-above 

HOW TO GET THERE: Harbor Square is in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City near the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  The easiest although not necessarily fastest way to get there is by a cab, most drivers know where it is.  you can also take the LRT line 1 and get off at Vito Cruz Station, from there just ask around for jeepneys going to CCP.


  1. very true. that's where I first tested my very first camera. no day is a bad day in that area ♥

  2. Indeed! Specially if its you behind the lens, you take really impressive photos!


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