February 5, 2011

MY PHILIPPINES: Eat, Drink, Sleep, Moalboalanon style

Went on a beach trip to Moalboal, a town 89 kilometers south west of Cebu city for a supposedly 3 days/2 nights fun filled vacation of sea, sand and sun just chilling at the beach, but the chilling part turned quite literal as tropical typhoon “Amang” seemed to have travelled with us all the way from Mindanao and intensified as soon as we got to Cebu.

Heavy rains and strong winds gushing over 40 kilometers per hour stirring swollen pregnant waves made it impossible to swim, snorkel or dive which by the way Moalboal is famous for.

What impeccable timing! So what's a "lakwatsera" got to do then? What else but EAT, DRINK and SLEEP!

Please note that I’m not complaining. There’s nothing I love more in this world than eating, drinking and most especially sleeping but I was really looking forward into getting a good tan while seeing all of Moalboal’s attraction. I did have a very ambitious plan of fitting them all in my itinerary if possible. Key word: AMBITIOUS.

Moalboal’s tourism is concentrated on its diving and beaches.

Most resorts are in Panagsama Beach or Basidiot, but in 1984 it was blown away by a typhoon so don’t expect a shoreline - instead expect rocks and coral reefs abundant with marine life. Panagsama is ideal for snorkeling and is the perfect drop off point for divers, only 4 kilometers away from Pescador Island, Cebu’s best diving spot.

Pescador is a volcanic island, the deepest part is 165 feet. Its reef wall has a lot of crevices and cavern and the most famous of all is the Pescador Cathedral - an underwater cavern of a 15 meter wide funnel. The Island is also perfect for snorkeling with its crystal clear waters and colorful corals from 130 feet deep which can be seen from the surface. More info here: http://explorecebu.com/content/pescador-island

But if diving and snorkeling is not your idea of fun, head straight to the White Beach or Basdako well known for its beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters, well in the absence of bad weather.  Although it has only been developed recently, it offers quite a number of accommodations, from budget and mid range to high end resorts.

Basdako Beach or White Beach

Delgado's Resort right beside Barefoot White Beach Resort

We opted to stay at Basdako and checked in at Barefoot White Beach Resort. Rooms were cozy and clean with a choice of a beachfront suite (P3,900 during peak season; haggled down to P3,000 on this weekday couple with bad weather), and non beachfront duplex accommodations (P2-500 peak season; P1,800 non peak). Though the resort has no restaurant, the very attentive staff could do some marketing and cook your food at no charge, just some feelers for tip hehe.

 Barefoot White Beach Resort

beachfront suite php3900

beachfront suite living room

We opted to brave the storm though and layered those flimsy beach wears we’ve packed to walk to the neighboring resort with a restaurant, Club Serena aka our kitchen for the whole duration of our stay. The menu’s a bit pricey and the food’s just ho hum fine, with the exception of their suman and native chocolate eh, although the bar I must say is surprisingly well stocked.

Club Serena's Suman at Tsokolate php140 

This menopausal weather has not only ruined my tan but my budget as well as we initially planned to eat at the carinderias at the far end of the beach. Oh well, another reason to go back:-D

Other dive spots/attractions:

Sunken Island -  only experienced divers are allowed here because of the strong currents.   A favorite among underwater photographers, a wide variety of fishes can be found here including barracudas and groupers with the occasional sightings of sharks and manta rays. 

House Reef - although this reef is artificial, many fishes have made it their home.  Good for diving during day time or night time. 

Airplane Wreck - a two-seater plane dropped in the sea as artificial reef.  

Orchid Garden - houses one of the best orchids in the entire island of Cebu. 

Kawsan Falls -  45 minutes tricycle ride from Moalboal proper.

TIP: There are no ATM's in Moalboal, the nearest town with an ATM is Carcar which is an hour away, not all resorts accept credit cards and when they do, they impose a minimum amount.

HOW TO GET THERE:  from the Mactan International Airport or from anywhere in Cebu, take a cab and go to the South Bus Terminal, Ceres bus departs every 30 minutes for Moalboal.  From the Moalboal stop take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to your beach destination, whether in Panagsama or White Beach. 

written by kim & mj

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