February 22, 2011

DINING: Larsian, Cebu

I've been meaning to check out Larsian whenever I'm in Cebu but I'd always end up eating somewhere else. But on our last trip there on the tail end of tropical typhoon Amang, I've convinced K to check out Larsian for a second dinner. Our first one was just 3 hours ago at Fridays. (*Insert sheepish smile*)

So from Ayala Mall, we hopped on a cab and headed on to Rodriguez St. near Fuente Osmena Park and Chonh Hua Hospital for Php40 (USD 0.92)

Larsian is similar to that of an open air fast food hall except that it only sells barbecues of all kinds (which totally explains the need for an open air).

Chicken, seafood, chorizo (sausages), hotdogs, pork and other weird looking but rather tasty pig parts best paired with puso or steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves along with bottled drinks of all sorts. Looking around, beer seems to be the favored choice of drink around here.

 pork & chorizo barbecue 

isaw (pork intestine) and 
betamax (pigs coagulated blood) 

puso or hanging rice (steamed rice wrapped in young coconut leaves)

The barbecues here is at rock bottom prices but I can’t say that it’s the best bbq I’ve had in Cebu.  It was just a little too much on the sweet side for me, although admittedly I dint get to try every stall. So I guess I just have to go back and try the other stalls for a more comprehensive and unbiased review. I’m not also a beer drinker so that might make a difference.


Larsian is not only famous to the locals, evident in some stalls with menus translated in Korean and Japanese and I also spotted a few visiting Europeans downing bottles of San Miguel pale pilsen.

Eating at Larsian for me is more for the experience than the actual culinary fare. If you want a no fuss really affordable dining, these could be the place for you.

Pork bbq – P5.00 (USD 0.12)
Pork belly – P12.00 (USD 0.28)
Chicken liver – P12 (USD 0.28)
Chorizo – P15 (USD 0.35)
Chicken – P45 (USD 1.04)
Puso – P3 (USD 0.07)

written by kim & mj


  1. I agree, Larsian is not more on the actual food but the place and it has been eaten --- not to mention the price.

    First time we arrived in Cebu, we ate our first meal in larsian (around 1am) :D.

    You should check out siomai sa tisa too! (or were you able to buy 6 peso siomais there?)

  2. Wow, 6 pesos siomai, that's definitely for the win! Well, i'd still love to go back to larsian and give the other stalls a try, probably with a bottle or 2 of beer na:-)

  3. larsian is good food! yan agad pina try saken nila Doi, Ed at Edwin. naalala ko yang hanging rice,kala ko suman kaya super engot pagka-open ko sa kanya. lol pansin ko lang mukhang kainan xa sa palengke pero mga sosyalera mga kumakain.hihi

  4. Eating at Larsian is indeed quite an experience and we're glad you enjoyed it. Andami nga din farangs (Thai for tourists):-D


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