January 10, 2011

WHAT'S ON MY SHELF: Exposed 10 Years in Hollywood

Born in Jamaica, his English mother would always tell him, “Follow your heart. I will always support you. Live your dream.” And that’s exactly what celebrity photographer Mark Liddell did.

In his book EXPOSED 10 years in Hollywood, Liddell takes us to more than 100 photo shots with today’s most recognizable faces in music, Hollywood’s young and a-list stars and of course, supermodels.

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The book is almost like a magazine, great photos on every page and never before seen interviews and commentaries by Annie Lennox, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and a lot more.


"I’ve seen the best sides and the worst sides of the biggest stars around," says Liddell. "I’ve seen them vulnerable, and I’ve seen them proud. I’ve watched them shed real tears, and I’ve sat through their temper tantrums. I’ve had to become a therapist and a best friend for a day. Celebrities were trusting me, and I learned very quickly that this trust is the most important component to a successful shoot."

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