January 4, 2011

DINING: Gourmet Deli, Davao

Lets break down the two words shall we...

Gourmet according to wikipedia "may describe a class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality," and Deli, short for delicatessen are delicacies and/or ready to eat fine food products.  Now put them together and this is what you'll get:

Need I say more?

Ah yes, they serve one hell of a patty melt burger!

Patty Melt (php120)
Classic burger patty smothered with grilled onion, 
melted cheese and served on a grilled bread.

The menu includes pasta, salads, specialty sandwiches and entrees like Marinated Pork Chop in Olive Oil (php130), Prawns with Wild Mushrooms and Herbs (php170) and Boneless Chicken Steak with Portuguese Sauce (php150) to name a few.

CUISINE: Gourmet
PRICE RANGE: Resto php40-500, Deli php100-2,000
LOCATION: Chimes Specialty Store, Gov. F. Sales St., Davao City
TEL. NO.: 082-2210588

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