December 9, 2010

DINING: Din Tai Fung, Shanghai, China

Din Tai Fung Restaurant was at the top of our “where to eat” list during our tip to Shanghai. All the reviews we’ve read revealed one thing; Din Tai Fung’s xialongbao is happiness.

There was just too much hype about the restaurant we couldn’t resist trying it out on our first day. And since it was located at one of the top tourist spots in Shanghai, we had no trouble finding it.

We were there a little early for dinner and a bit late for an afternoon snack so I really didn’t expect the place to be full. I should have never underestimated the goodness of those xialongbaos, the restaurant was jumped packed and we had to wait several minutes before we were seated.

Ordering was a no brainer, of course we wanted the world famous xialongbaos and just because we were in Dimsum Country, I ordered my favorite steamed dimsum, shrimp siomai that goes with the name shao mai here.

A Xialongbao is a soup dumpling and is traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets.  Xialong means steaming baskets, and baozi means bun. It is made with baozi or steamed bun with a soupy meat filling.  The thinness of the wrapper surprised me the most, it held up really well even with all the broths weight.

Make use of the ceramic Chinese soup spoon and be sure not to waste that soup. Dip it in black vinegar and ginger and enjoy every bite that is bursting with flavor. Be careful not to burn your tongue because the soup is scalding hot.

The first thing I notice with the Shao Mai was the Shrimp, it was huge. So unlike the invisible chopped up scrimped on ones that I usually get. So was it good? Superb! It raises the siomai bar for me and destroys the competition.  That good!

The food was so fulfilling and delicious we lined up once more to have our fill before flying back to Manila.

CUISINE: Chinese
LOCATION: Unit11,2F House 6,South Block  Xintiandi,Lane123, Xinye Rd,Shanghai, China
TEL. NO.: 86-21-6385-8378

written by KIM & MJ

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