November 9, 2010


Light towels are essential  to a  trekkers pack, it’s a convenient tool of drying oneself from the elements and bodily fluids (eeew, I know it sounded kinda off) plus it saves a lot of space and weighs less than any other conventional drying cloth (e.g. sarong, malong, cotton towel).

I don’t trek and I don’t hike but I sweat like a pig and I like traveling light so I own quite a few of them.

The lightest towel I own is the Lightload Travel Towels, 12x12 inches and weighs only .25oz (usd 2.75 pack of 2 on amazon). It’s so light and small I stick it inside my pocket together with my cellular phone, loose change and anti-itch lotion.

 Lightload Travel Towels available in the following sizes:
12x12 inches, pack of 2, 12x24 inches, pack of 3
30x60 inches, beach towel and Full size beach towel
available only at and at 
lightloads online:

Lightload towels are made with 100% viscose fabric (made from cellulous of plant cells), it feels like cotton but is much absorbent, they are also machine washable and actually last very long with the proper washing. The packaging is waterproof so anytime you get soaked in water your towel remains dry (assuming you haven’t unpacked it yet).

The Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towels on the other hand is a tad thicker than the Lightloads but still lightweight and compact, the material is made with fast drying microfiber and a suede finish for that extra soft feel.  Although it doesn’t come with a waterproof and a really cute packaging, it is remarkably absorbent and incredibly fast drying.

 Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towels available in 
Jade Green, Cobalt Blue, Eucalyptus Green and Outback Red

 also available in different sizes:
12x24, extra small, 16x32, small, 20x40, medium
24x48, large and 30x60, extra large
 available at all branches of The Travel Club and
The North Face shops

While the Lightloads are great, the fabric is a little too flimsy, too soft, too light and too thin and sometimes too cute I don’t want to take off its original packaging and not use it all.

Sea to Summit is hands down the best towel I’ve had, works like a miracle everytime.


written by KIM

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