November 6, 2010

MY PHILIPPINES: Surfing and Sleeping at Dahican, Mati

Mati is a municipality in Davao Oriental 165 kilometers from the city of Davao. I don’t know much about the municipality itself or its history, although I’ve heard that Japanese forces once landed on the town some long long time ago.

What I do know though is that they’ve got really great beaches with white sand, clear waters and big waves.

Mati's sleeping dinosaur

Dahican Beach

Dahican is probably the most popular beach destination in Mati. Local surfers, skim boarders and tourist beach bums who learned about this coast only by word of mouth get to enjoy this isolated and rather undeveloped 7 kilometer stretch of sea and sand. And because it’s not yet developed, there are only a few resorts in the area that I know of, BOTONA BEACH RESORT and TROPICAL KANAKBAI.

BOTONA BEACH RESORT was originally constructed for the family use of its owner Eva Botona. Family and friends soon convinced her to open it to the public and since then she has added several cabins, a kitchen, a gazebo and a bar to accommodate more guests.

Cabins range from php1,800 - 2,000, all rooms are air-conditioned with cable tv, water dispenser and a private bathroom. They don't have menus at the restaurant but you can ask them to do the marketing and cook your food, at no charge but a tip will be highly appreciated. How's that for great service?

The other resort, TROPICAL KANAKBAI, which means “my home” in mandaya lives up to its name. It is a home away from home with all the homely features and amenities, now I’m really starting to sound like a bad infomercial.

Unlike Botona, Kanakbai is one huge rest house with two suites, each suite has 2 king sized beds, hot and cold shower and air-conditioning. The suites share a 50 square meter fully furnished space with an equipped kitchen, dining tables, ceiling fans, couches, refrigerator and a mini bar plus a balcony with a view of the Pacific Ocean. I told you, home away from home, plus the Pacific Ocean.

The suite costs about php 4,000 for 2 persons with breakfast, you also have the option of renting the whole villa for php 12,000/night that can accommodate 10 person. Find their full rates here:

TIP: Both Botona Beach Resort and Kanakbai don’t have restaurants, but they do have kitchens you can use for cooking or ask the staff to cook your food. The grocery stores are not that well stocked and the municipal market is quite a distance so I suggest you bring some food items and drinks with you, there is no corkage anyway.

HOW TO GET THERE:  from Davao City, head to Ecoland Terminal, commuter buses leaves every 30 minutes.  Vans are also available, just go to Victoria Plaza and Gaisano Mall.  When you get to Mati town proper hire a pedicab (single motorcycle) and they will take you to your resort.

written by KIM & MJ


  1. Wow, Kim! This is a very informative post. I didn't know they already have such amenities there. Would be good to visit Dahican again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Blue, thanks! I'm glad to be of help by sharing a little through this blog. These was from last year and was thinking of hitting Dahican sometime soon again. Will post an update once done=) If you get to visit, share=)


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