November 10, 2010

FINAL CUT: The American President (1995)

I’ve been slacking around the house, nibbling on a seemingly abyssal bag of potato chips, watching a lot of cheesy old movies, and by cheesy, I mean Meg Ryan kinda cheesy and Annette Bening being the old.

To my surprise I actually liked When Harry Met Sally and loved the American President.

Not that American President, not Barack Obama.

I’m talking about the 1995 film about the most powerful man in the United States, a widower with a teenage daughter, who struggles to do his duty as the nation’s president while trying to conduct a passionate romance with a little privacy.

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Andrew Sheperd (Michael Douglas), a dedicated democrat gearing up for re-election unexpectedly falls in love with environmental lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Annete Bening). As their love progresses, his ratings go down, Senator Bob Rumson (Richard Dreyfus) questions the Presidents character, attacking Sheperd’s lack of family values and moral instincts. If Sheperd salvages his political career, will it mean the end of Sydney Ellen Wade?

Although some critics say this movie didn’t have the same punch that Harry and Sally had, it is equally intelligent and well written. For a warm romantic comedy set in contemporary Washington D.C., it is a great film with a liberal political point of view.

With an excellent supporting cast, Martin Sheen as Sheperd’s Chief of Staff, Samantha Mathis as his Personal Assistant, and a superb acting job by Michael J. Fox being the President’s Domestic Policy Adviser. All the characters had their fair share of unforgettable dialogues and shinning moments.

And just like any President, he also had a much talked about speech!

So here it is..


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