October 18, 2010

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Suitcasing with the World Traveler Virginia Series

For my recent trip, I have invested on a 48 cm World Traveler lightweight 4-wheeled suitcase from the Virgina collection. It has a nice purple and mint green checks that pops out in a sea of dark colored bags on the carousel, the color scheme certainly decreased the chance of grabbing the wrong bag.

The 48 cm is a standard carry on size so if you opt to not check it in, there is a greatly reduced chance of losing it to misrouting. Some airline also provides an incentive for those with no checked baggage because it requires less fuel to move you and your things (there’ s also less greenhouse gas emission or something to that effect). It's not very often that the most convenient option is also the most environmentally responsible.

As opposed to the conventional two wheeled luggage, the 4 wheels has a greater base support that prevents it from toppling over. There is less physical strain in moving the bag as there is no need to tilt and pull. It glides easily on a normal upright position and from that angle, another bag can be stacked on it leaving your other hand free thus providing you with extra flexibility.

Paring down what to pack into the essentials sometimes can get a bit of a chore and a hard decision making process but I agree that lugging less stuff could result to a more productive and stress-free travel experience. Going light indeed is the best way to go and with mostly paved road nowadays, traveling light doesn’ t always mean strapping on a backpack or hoisting a duffel bag.

written by MJ

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