October 19, 2010

FINAL CUT: Baraka (1992)

Baraka is an ancient sufi word that translates to "blessing."  It is a non-narrative film meaning no dialogues, just music and a collection of images that transcend language.

The movie begins in Japan with a monkey sitting in a hot spring followed by breathtaking landscape, ancient ruins, vast rainforests, diverse tribal practices and religious rituals. The mid part of the film show the result of global evolution, poverty, rapid urban life, factories, logging, strip mining, over population and war. The 3rd act is what most people would call redemption. Man returns to nature and prayers.

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Shot in a 70mm film and transferred to an 8k HD scan, the images were so vivid and sharp that more than a couple of times I had to remind myself to shut my gaping mouth. It was that awesome!
Filmed in 24 countries from 6 continents, the movie makes me want to see the world, if only I could afford it.

Filmed in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Egypt, France, 
Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Nepal, 
Poland, Saudi Arabia,Tanzania,Thailand, Turkey and, 
United States of America 


written by KIM

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  1. Awesome!! This film encapsulates the power of the unspoken word.


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