October 13, 2010

WHAT'S ON MY SHELF: Archive de nuit

A certain feeling of uneasiness came across me when I first saw the images in Archive de nuit. Black and white photographs of a cut-open anatomical body from a wax museum and a male urinal with ice isn’t exactly my idea of a relaxing photograph.

The images are a bit too dark and gloomy, but weirdly interesting too(by weird I mean borderline creepy). And that one inch of interesting makes Helmut Newton’s photographs so powerful you can't help but look at it again.

Archive de nuit shows how well Newton combines brutality and gentleness in a collection of mostly unpublished works.  The book also contains a lot of nudity as he is famous for his "Domestic Nudes," so please keep out of reach of children.  

Helmut Newton is a Fashion photographer born in Berlin in the 1920's and his photographs were a mainstay at the Australian and French Vogue.

written by KIM

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