September 29, 2010

NI HAO MA CHINA: English is hazardous to your health

Shanghai is a big city and it’s a city of districts, huge districts. It’s quite easy to get lost and because of the absence of English channels on television, asking the locals for directions is next to impossible, zero English movies = zero English vocabulary. Yes, I kinda equate HBO to English proficiency.

So bring a map and let it do the talking for you. Instead of telling the driver to take you somewhere, get your map out and start pointing, but be sure your map has Chinese characters on it otherwise that map is quite as useless as your fancy English vocabulary.

Communication is quite difficult in Shanghai especially if you do not know basic sign language. So learn how to say toilet using only your hands.

Lesson learned from this trip, at least try to learn the local dialect for the basics.

TIP: try to research about their Metro Train System, they say it's the best and fastest way to get around Shanghai.

written by KIM


  1. Ahk....Bangkok and Vietnam were kinda tricky already. Hahaha So, did you encounter any of the toilets on the floor???

  2. Grabe they don't even know what water is!

    Me nahanap namang toilet, we just looked for the universal stick figure with a skirt image, kaya lang I got the shock of my life when a lady was doing the number 2 with the door open. Eeeewwww!-Mj


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