August 15, 2010

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Anti-Mosquitoes & Anti-Itch Lotions

I’m a mosquito magnet.

Yes I realize how that sounds, but it’s true, these damn flies’ keeps following me around like I’m a garbage truck, and yes sometimes I wonder if I smell like trash but I was assured I don’t. So to keep them away, I always carry a zip lock full of insect repellents and anti-itch lotions.

OFF is probably the best insect repellent you can get in the market, it doesn’t cost much and it really keeps those pesky mosquitoes away. The only problem is you keep on reapplying every 2 hours and that can get really annoying too.

Super Bands on the other hand are much simpler to use, just slip it in your ankle and wrist and that’s it, no mess, no more reapplying, no sticky-icky feel on your skin, but not as effective as Off though.

And for those persistent flies that refuses to go away without leaving an itch, I’ve got the ultimate itch eraser, the After Bite. Shaped like a pen, just unscrew the cap and apply the wet applicator to the bitten area and voila, buhbye itch in a matter of seconds. Works for stings too. I prefer the After Bite over my mom’s trusted caladryl lotion because the former works faster and does not leave any weird pink stain, it also doesn’t take up much space and because of its unique shape, I can just stick it right my pocket and I've got itch relief anytime, anywhere.

written by KIM
I like how I sound so much like a bad infomercial.


  1. Kimbee and Emgee! Where do you get Super Bands? =) As in kahit sa wrist at ankle lang ilagay it will protect your whole body? =) Paubos na kasi ang Off Sport ko and I wanna try a new insect repellent. Hehe Thinking of trying something local (and possibly eco friendly) as well from Human Nature or Indigo Baby. =)

  2. rikikay! effective naman sia, i usually wear it sa ankle ko, no bites naman sa leg and arms... the smell is just too strong though... pero effective and mura, 99pesos lang sa handyman..

  3. oohhh interesting! =) ano though ang amoy nya? =p I've been getting a lot of bites on my legs and need a mean (but not sticky or stinky haha choosy!) repellent.

  4. amoy citronella...masasanay ka lang rin sa smell and siguro after a while it wont bother you na... mas gusto ko superband kesa sa off-lotion, i dont like the icky feel ng lotion at yung amoy, and when it gets into your mouth masyadong mapait yung taste! hehehe (di ko pa naman nasubukan ipasok yung superband sa mouth ko so i dont know if it tastes bitter also!)

  5. mwahahahaha hindi kasi kinakain ang off...joke lang! bilis, itest na yan. try tikman ang superband! =p at least fashionably yellow sya. hahaha i must buy one of these days...pinapak ako sa Clark!

    Hindi ko din super fave ang citronella...too bad yun ang effective. Haha hindi ko pa nabibili or natry yung sa Human Nature or Indigo baby na ok din daw. (parehong natural or organic ata sila plus locally made!)

  6. hmmm..hindi ko alam kung Human Nature and Indigo... san makakabili nun? meron rin nung pini-pin lang sa shirt or jeans pero di ko pa nasubukan...

    i just tried OFF for kids, mabango siya actually, tropical fresh yung scent and hindi ganun kalagkit but it tastes just the same.. hehehe

  7. hehehe hi guys! =) hindi ko pa nabibili yung super band. nagwoworry ako dun sa lakas ng amoy. haha ito na try namin nung nagclark kami recently -

    it smells like powder! =) though actually ok nga yung tropical yumminess ng off for kids!

    this is the one by Indigo Manila which is one of their best sellers. =) all natural sya and lotion based -

    ito naman yung sa human nature, social enterprise naman sya =) -

    both are available in the Echostore and online.

  8. sige sige, check ko lahat ng yan...

    i saw this elctronic clip-on mosquito repellents at the hardware, battery operated and im not really sure how it works, i suppose it releases electrical signals or something... might get that just because im really curious and we'll tell you all about it.


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