August 8, 2010

SARTORIAL: SneakerHead

(photo by Ryan Ignacio )
This guy is just plain crazy. Crazy about shoes! And not just any shoe, I mean shoes that cost more than an average person’s 2 months paycheck.

22 year old licensed nurse Ryan Ignacio is a certified sneakerhead with over 2 dozen pairs of Air Jordans to his name. The first pair he owned was a gift from his dad, the OG XIIIs in white and red-black which were released back in 1997, and this very shoe sparked his love affair with them Jordans.

(photo by Ryan Ignacio )

He started collecting sneakers seriously in 2007, he’d camp out at Nike’s store at the Bonifacio High Street, says his mom, just to acquire those limited edition pumps. He has shopped for sneakers in HongKong, San Francisco and New York just to name a few, and when it comes to purchasing limits, this guy doesn’t have one.

And for those of you Manny Pacquiao fans, he also owns a pair of Air Trainer 1. Not that I'm a big fan of Pacman, I just heard it's supposed to be really cool if you have a pair of those. So yes, Ryan Ignacio is that cool! (walang kokontra..)

Ryan Ignacio on Clavel Sneaker Magazine Vol.6
with a full article by Jojo Munsayac

written by KIM


  1. Guy has an awesome shirt too! hahaha Nice one, Kim =D

  2. I think he has an awesome everything! hehehe... thanks Jap!


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