August 17, 2010

MY PHILIPPINES: Fiesta at the Apo View Hotel

Apo View Hotel, the oldest hotel in Mindanao, together with friends from the media welcomed the Kadawayan last night in the opening salvo of the "Kadayawan Fiesta at the Apo View 2010," a week-long festive celebration that will showcase Davao's diverse cultures and bountiful harvests.

at the hotel lobby

From August 16 to 22, the hotel will be hosting a display of the freshest fruits, full bloomed flowers, tribal products and ethnic inspired clothing by local designers.

Apo View will also have various cultural performances along the hotels main premises, with music and dances by the Makalayang Anak Ensemble while the Anak Kalinaw will be presenting the tribal dance of Davao. Witness also the weaving of the Dagmay Fabric by members of the Mandayan Tribe and fire dancing at the hotels garden.

Native Fabric Weavers

Fresh Water Pearls and South Sea Pearls for sale

Visual Artist Ronald Tamfalan

Guests will also enjoy a delectable array of Davao’s Indigenous Tribe’s Cuisine at the Entrée Resturant and Café Josefina.

In a press conference entitled “The Apo View Hotel’s Treat to the Press,” Wolfgang Pfuner, resident manager of the hotel was happy to announce that the hotel has 36 newly renovated rooms now ready for occupancy in time for the kadayawan festival.

Newly renovated bridal suite receiving area

2 single beds and still part of the bridal suite

Queen sized bed still part of the newly renovated bridal suite


  1. WOW!!! Thank you Kim for this post. :)

  2. Good thing they still renovate this hotel so that they can provide the best hotel for their customers even though the hotel's already old.
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